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Welcome to Astria Forms.

Astria is a small 1.12.1 enhanced survival server.

The focus of the server is enhanced survival. The difficulty of the server is Hard and there are custom monsters to fight out in the night and custom items to be crafted and won. Create powerful potions, fight monsters and players or make an alliance to aid in the survival of you and your friends. Crops can fail along with breeding, can you survive. 

You start with a few basic items: Torches, a small amount of food, and Grief Prevention items. You can warp around to different areas on the server to explore and gather resources. 

Please read the rules before playing on the server. If you have questions about the rules you can ask staff when they are on the server. To access the basic rules and the rules web page of our website do “/rules”. You can also do “/sites” to see a list of web pages on the servers main website.

Website: http://danielreturnweb.wi ... xsite.com/astria
Forms: http://astriaserverforms.clanwebsite.com/

Note: this Forums site is still under construction and is incomplete.
Astria Future Minecraft Updates
25th Oct · Ownerdanielreturn · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

As of to day I am looking into updating the server to Minecraft 1.13.2. However ...

Server Advertising Campaign Data Collection
25th Sep · Ownerdanielreturn · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been Advertising the server as much on Fridays as I originally planned. This is due to less players playing on Fridays and due to the loss of a few long time players. 
I am asking that you comment on this News post with the days of the week and the time you normally get on the server. 

Plugin Update
5th Sep · Ownerdanielreturn · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

I got around to doing today plugin update instead of it occurring tomorrow. 
Not only are there a lot of bug fixes (most I will not bore you with) but there are new features!.

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