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Welcome to Astria Forms.

Welcome to Astria a small 1.15.2 survival server

The focus of the server is enhanced survival and custom content. The server's difficulty is HARD. At spawn their are many attractions such as the server shop, Nether Portal, End Portal and Jump area.

Players start with only a few basic items: Torches, food, Grief Prevention items, and 100 coins (the server's currency)

Main Features

  • Enhanced PvP and PvE
  • Custom Monsters
  • Custom Items
  • Bleeding
  • Steel money from Players you Kill
  • Crops grow slower and can die
  • Breeding animals has a chance to fail
  • Land Protection

Please read the rules before playing on the server. If you have questions about the rules you can ask staff when they are on the server. To access the basic rules and the rules web page of our website do “/rules”. You can also do “/sites” to see a list of web pages on the servers main website.

Website: http://danielreturnweb.wi ... xsite.com/astria
Forms: http://astriaserverforms.clanwebsite.com/

Note: this Forums site is still under construction and is incomplete.
Bug Fix and Changes
16th Jul · Ownerdanielreturn · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

This update contains bug fixes, improvements and new commands.

1.15 Update Bug Fixes and Changes #1
27th Jun · Ownerdanielreturn · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

This update post contains information on bug fixes and changes that have been accumulated over the last few days.
There should also be minor improvement's in lag reduction.

1.15.2 Server & Content Update
25th Jun · Ownerdanielreturn · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

As of today, Astria is now updated to 1.15.2. Along with this, there are multiple major changes. The largest changes are; The introduction of the Magic API, rebalancing of almost all Custom Monster's, player stances, and [this is one a long time coming] the introduction of the first custom boss and mini-boss.

Bug Fix & Small Change's Update
17th Apr · Ownerdanielreturn · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

With the last update a few bugs were introduced along with some over sites. This update fixes most of them. There are some changes that come along with this update.
I have started work on the 1.15 update.

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