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Welcome to astria forms. At this time the forms is under construction. So there is a good chance that the layout and everything else will be changed.

Have any ideas for the forum or see spelling that needs to be corected create a post on the Forum Suggestionsform.
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Shop by x_Biyf_Tyler_x
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2nd Jul

I am making a shop near my first house, it's a stone brick type of building. You can by fireworks, shulker shells, elytras, and more.  I will add more items later on but if you want to request one please tell me in the replies. Coords to the shop is -222 65 102.

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5th Jul

Some shops do not work.
However all of my shops work. Need food , Rockets, Golden apples, or rare items?
do /shops tp ttl_computer_shop.
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3 days ago

I removed the broken one and its not fault its broken, just the plugin. I also sell rare items, golden apples, and rockets at a cheaper price. I sell diamonds, obsidian, blaze rods, shulker shells, and elytras. You can also sell 8 gunpowder at my shop. Also I saw the protest sign you made.
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