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Survival Content
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What option would you want added fist?

Money steeling
XP Drops:
Enchantments (have Ideas, post them below)
Other (comment in this thread)

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29th Nov 2017

NOTICE 2: The survival content update has been put on hold. See my comment on this form below the few top posts.

Notice: I have edited this to have more explanations.

Astria is a survival server. PvP is a important aspect of a survival server. In the past I have hindered and made PvP worse. I am now looking to make it better. I have many Ideas on how to make survival better.

I would like everyone to know I do plan on adding in all of the following to the server, but the vote above and comments below will help me decide what I should implement first.

I have also reset the vote above so players can recast there vote if they have changed there mind about what feature they want first.

- XP drops: Upon killing a player they will a percentage of xp onto the ground. (like in vanilla minecraft). There will be a minimum and maximum drop of xp, 5 and 30 respectively.

- Steeling Money: Upon killing a player you steel a percentage of the money they have. There will be a minimum and maximum of money stolen from the player you have killed, 10 coins and, 80 coins respectively.

- New Custom Enchantments: New enchantments. I have a few ideas already but am looking for a few more. If you have any enchantment ideas post them below.
My enchantment ideas:
-Player Damage (Sword,Axe): Like sharpness and smite but only deals damage to players. Does not stack with Sharpness, Smite, and bane of arthropods.
-Ender Block (Sword,Axe): Upon attacking a target they cannot use enderperls or other teleportation methods for x seconds. X seconds will be dependent on the enchantments level.

- Allow Seageing: Players can start a siege and break into another players home (while both players are online). This allows the attacker to kill the player. If the attacker wins they also get to loot some of the blocks in the house. If the defender wins there home is safe from looting. A player can only siege another player once per hour.
! Redstone builds are not allowed to be stolen including the blocks they are built on. !
Here is a list of blocks that can be broken:
-Glass Pains (Glass blocks are unaffected)
-Wooden Doors
Here is a list of blocks that I may allow to be stolen from a base that is being sieged:
-Diamond Blocks
-Gold Blocks
-Iron Blocks
-Lapis Blocks
-Coal Blocks
-Book Shelves
-Enchanting Tables
-Ender Chests
-Brewing Stands
-Crops: Wheat, Potato, Carrots, Beats, Melons, Pumpkins, and Sugar Cane.

Some players will have concerns, for instance I know many players have beacons and the bases of beacons can be stolen with the above steel list. But there are ways to build bases, beacons, etc. in a way that minimizes what can be stolen with some careful building.

Also if there is a tie, ill add both into the game first. But remember sooner or later all of these features will be added into the game.
Last Edit: 4th Dec 2017 by danielreturn
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30th Nov 2017

Siege would be cool. But I also like the xp drop and money steel.
Don't know about the enchantments. I personally do not like custom enchantments, but that's because most servers turn them into full blown magic. They just do not fit.
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30th Nov 2017

I think that the xp drops are a fair way to be able to take from a player but siege would just make bullies in the server and it would be no fun at all
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3rd Dec 2017

Hmmm, my beacons will be in danger when seiging is enabled. But, that's easily fixed.
I like the fact that we can steel blocks like diamonds, gold, and the others listed. It will add a good dynamic to the server. I will just need to redesign my beacons to be less siegeable.
So ill cast my vote for siege once more.
But one problem i can see is noobs complaining that seiging is unfair since they are too (and I mean no offence) dumb to know how to take the list you provided and build bases around that list. So hopefully the noobs do not get siege prevented.
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4th Dec 2017

After reviewing the comments on this form and catching a part of some chat that went down yesterday on the server. I am placing the survival content update on hold. I may release the XP drop functionality onto the server but the money drop, siege and Custom Enchantments are now on hold.

Since the other survival content is on hold I will increase the minimum, maximum and the xp drop percentage to make up for the loss of money and resources gained from conducting a siege an opponent.

I may in the future add in siege but it may be implemented to only allow other players to break in to a players house to fight them. Steeling of blocks would not be allowed.
I may also implement the money steel, but the values will be lowered so players loose less money upon dying. I may also implement more ways to store money so it cannot be stolen.

In the end, this is a survival minecraft server that is focused on enhanced PvP and PvE. It has always been this way and I am hoping to continue to focus on enhancing and making survival harder.

With that being said PvE is far more common then PvP on this server, but that may be due to the lack of players.
Last Edit: 4th Dec 2017 by danielreturn
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