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Survival Strength Ranking System
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30th Jun 2018

This post is no longer valid or kept up to date, See the new post here
http://astriaserverforms. ... system-version-2-zbs

Notice: This is a new post to better explain were the old post could not.

Astria is a survival server. Not only that but its an enhanced survival server. With the last few updates the owner (Daniel_return) has made, I have played and see many players utterly killed by some of the updates. Some die to the new PvP mechanics while others are killed by the Custom Mobs (PvE).

Yet there are ways around this, Strong armor, use of Custom Items, and certain knowledge can help the player become strong. When a player attains maximum strength there very little worry if a creeper will seek up upon you while building and inflict a 16 second (Confirmed) bleeding debuff on you, it happens and you tank it. If your swarmed by zombies, it does not matter, pop a golden apple or some potions and go to town.

The problem I see are players not trying to obtain greater strength. Which leads to a lack luster playing experience. Some die so frequently to the new monsters there play experience is being ruined. This in turn ruins other players experience as the dying players request the new mobs to be removed or weakened.

Furthermore someday a player could join, that in the survival spirit will try to enforce their will upon weaker players. Such as asking for tribute or be continuously slaughtered. Only a few (a very few) players on Astria would be able to hold there own against players like this. This can also just be a player hungry for PvP and not some evil mastermind wanting to enforce there will...

This is why I am making (or remaking) this post. I have come up with a simple ranking system to help players know how strong they are. I am hoping that players will strive to climb the rank ladder to not only benefit themselves (in PvP and PvE) but to benefit the server.

I know very little of game design, however I do know that gamers like to have a way to measure how good they are. While this system cannot judge PvP or PvE skill it can judge the strength of ones weapons, armors, tools, and utility items. I have also named the more powerful ranks to pull in players who like fancy titles or have large egos.

I would like to stress that this is a unofficial ranking system and is not supported or promoted by the server owner. It is a optional ranking system and players do not need to follow it. I would also like to note that I (personal) do not judge new players by this ranking system since they have not had the time to build up power on the server. (However other players may judge differently).

The following ranks are based on the players main armor, weapons, enchantments and use of utility items. The use of utility items is a criteria for ranks since good usage of utility items can greatly increase the raw power of the player. (Utility items are defined as Elytra, Boots of Speed, Shields, Daggers, etc.)


A player with little to no armor and weapons or a player with weak armor and weapons.

A player who has 3 or less pieces of diamond armor mixed with other armor types. May be well enchanted or poorly enchanted. May not make good use of utility items.

A player with a full set of diamond armor with a few enchantments or no enchantments.

Great Knight:
A player who has well enchanted diamond armor and weapons.

Demi Gods are users who use traditional God Armor and weapons.
Demi Gods are also willing to use utility items.

Minor God:
Minor Gods are players just started to use Life Armor. They will have at least two pieces of Life Armor with some enchantments. The other armor they have must be fully enchanted Diamond Armor.

There weapon of choice will have Ender Block (any level) and Serrated Blade (Sword)/Cleaving Attack (Axe), as well as be fully enchanted with vanilla enchantments.
Warning: Some Life armor with weak or no enchants will make the Minor God Weaker then the Demi-God. Its best to start with Life Chestplates and Life Leggings as they grant the largest life boost.

Lesser God:
Lesser Gods are players who have At least two pieces of Fully Enchanted Life Armor. There other armor must also be Life Armor with some enchantments.
Lesser Gods do not hesitate to use utility items when required.

The weapon of choice will have be fully enchanted with vanilla enchantments as well as have Ender Block (any level) and Serrated blade (Sword)/Cleaving Attack (Axe) (any levels). (In some instances the Custom enchant Requirements may be waved.)

Elytra is enchanted with Tough Wings III and if the player uses shields, the shield should be enchanted with Reinforced Structure III or IV, along with Unbreaking III.

A player will a full set of fully enchanted Life Armor.

There preferred weapon should be fully enchanted with vanilla enchantments and have Ender Block III and Serrated blade (Sword)/Cleaving Attack (Axe) III.
(In some instances the Custom enchant Requirements may be waved.)

Elytra and Shield should have the same enchantments as stated in the Lesser God Rank.
Will have a assortment of utility items at there dispose and actively use them.

Currently God is the highest rank a player can achieve on the server unless one can obtain the + rank modifier.

Planned Ranks
The following are planned ranks, but the requirements have not yet been decided for them. requirements will most likely be based around new armors and weapons that the owner Daniel_Return adds in future updates.

Minor Titan:

Rank Modifiers
Rank modifiers state that something is different about the rank a player has. For instance it can show that the player is stronger then there stated rank, but not yet strong enough to reach the next rank.

The player is above the power of there stated rank but has not yet powerful enough to meet the next ranks requirements.

This can be due to them meeting some requierments of the next rank or having items that few other players have access to that increase the raw power of the player by some degree. i.e. Owning and using Battle 2.1 potions in battle. (A item that is very powerful but is no longer obtainable)

If a player is marked as Part Time then the rank they are listed as having is there true rank, however they may choose to use weaker armors and weapons instead of always having the power of there stated rank.

Now not everything above is set in stone. Players may also drift between the ranks. Furthermore some players may meet most requirements for a rank but may not meet others. (Such as refusing to use custom items)

If you would like to chime in such as a way to help this ranking system inspire players to become stronger, post below. Think of it, builders, fighters, redstoners, all of us strong with no fear of other players or monsters getting in our way.

Player Rankings
Note some rankings are estimates as the player may not be fully forth coming with the items they have.

-Dwarfinking: God+
-TTL_Computer: God+
-Neon_Cyclops: God
-x_Biyf_Tyler_x: Knight (part time)
-DiamondMiningTJ: Great Knight (part time)

Edit: 7/5/2018
Changed the God and Titan rank. Added in Minor God, Demi-Titan, and Minor Titan rank.

Edit: 8-10-2018
Changed Minor God and Minor Titan to Lesser God and Lesser Titan. Added in +Rank information. Added in a list of where people stand on this Ranking System. Changed some of the text explaining the ranking system.

Edit: 8-19-2018
Flushed out descriptions for some of the ranks. Better explain that this ranking system is for the raw power of the player and is not based off of Skill. (Which would require more work to build a ranking system for). Added in weapon requirements. Introduced the concept of Part-Time rankings.

Edit: 2-8-2019
Just some corrections and rewording.

Edit: 6-4-2019
Changed descriptions of some ranks and created a few new ranks to better flush out the ranking system. Re-did the Player Ranking Lists based upon new Rank Criteria.
Last Edit: 23rd Mar by TTL_Computer
Joined: 29th Jun 2018
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30th Jun 2018

Yeah because we can only play this server how you want to play it. Maybe people don't buff up because they are busy doing other things.
Joined: 19th Jun 2018
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19th Aug 2018

this should be in the ideas section of the forums. http://astriaserverforms. ... ite.com/board/539442
also i would be titan+ as i'm very good at pvp and meet all the requirements. and to top it off haven't heard any good responses to this so most likely not going to be an acceptable ranking system.
Joined: 21st Apr 2017
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19th Aug 2018

This is not a idea for a ranking system, its a unofficial ranking system. I do not want Daniel to make it into a mandatory one. Also this system only ranks the raw power of the Weapons, Armor, and Utility Items of players not there PvP or PvE ability. I have no easy way to rank how well a Player can PvP and PvE.

Furthermore you cannot be a Titan+, the requirements are not set yet for Titan and as stated above it does not rank skill only raw power. Plus its a ranking system for PvP and PvE so just being good at PvP is not enough to rank up.
Joined: 29th Jun 2018
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19th Aug 2018

Has full set of enchanted armor, lots of elytras, several bases, serveral beacons, scrub rank
Joined: 21st Apr 2017
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23rd Mar

This post is no longer kept up to date. A new post can be found here: http://astriaserverforms. ... system-version-2-zbs
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