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Survival Strength Ranking System -version 2
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23rd Mar

This is the new version (v2) of my unofficial ranking system for Astria.

This post (and its previous one) exists to help rank players in terms of their raw power on Astria. A players raw power is primarily based upon there armor and weapon(s). However it can be augmented by using utility items such as potions and custom items. This also acts as a map to help players know the tech tree path for Astria, as it has a ever expanding list of custom items.

Gathering Power on Astria aids players when fighting monsters and players. This is due to the fact that more power makes one stronger then many of the monsters (even swarms of them) and helps gain power equal to or above more violent players who may attack other players at random. (Though this does not help any skill gaps)

I would like to stress that this is a unofficial ranking system and is not supported or promoted by Astria’s owner Daniel_return.

The following ranks are based on the players main armor, weapons, and enchantments. The main rank is then augmented with a secondary modifier rank based upon there use of potions, utility items, custom items and other sources.

The use of utility/custom items and potions are taken into consideration as of they can greatly increase the raw power of the player. This is especially true for custom items and potions that the owner has added. (Utility items are defined as Elytra, Boots of Speed, Shields, Daggers, etc.)


A player with little to no armor or weapons. It can also be a player with weak armor and weapons.

A player who has non-enchanted diamond armor or a mix of armor types that are not well enchanted. Has a Iron or Diamond Sword with no enchantments or some enchantments.

A player with a full set of diamond armor with some enchantments. They will have a diamond sword that has at least sharpness III.

Templar are players who use traditional “God Armor” and “God weapons”.

Demi-Gods are players who obtained at least two pieces of well enchanted Life Armor. The other armor they have must be fully enchanted Diamond Armor (what would be considered “God Armor”.)

A player will a full set of fully enchanted Life Armor.
The weapon of choice will have be fully enchanted diamond sword or Diamond Axe along with a bow and/or trident.

Currently God[b/] is the highest unmodified rank a player can achieve on Astria.

Planned Ranks

The following are planned ranks, but the requirements have not yet been decided for them. Most likely the ranks will be based around new armors and weapons added in future updates.
Note: Netherite armor is not much of a upgrade over diamond and as such, it will be equal to diamond armor for rank calculation. Though it may be broken out into a rank modifier.
Sky-Father ??
Deity ??
Primordial Deity ??

Rank Modifiers
Rank modifiers state that something is different about the rank a player has. For instance it can show that the player is stronger then the stated rank, but not yet strong enough to reach the next rank. It can also mean the player has access to items that few others have, which in turn increases there raw power. It may also show that the player uses utility items in a effective manner. Some modifiers are suffixes while other are prefixes, denoted with .p or .s

Empowered .p
This player will use utility items and potions to there advantage. This is especially true for the many custom items and potions on Astria.

+ (plus) .s
The player has access to items that other players may not have. This includes items that are no longer obtainable. This can also mean the player maximizes the use of utility items above that of the average player. This modifier can stack if the items or advantages increase the players raw power enough to be above that of other + players.

A example is owning and using Battle 2.1 potions. (A item that is very powerful but is no longer obtainable)

Part-Time .p
If a player is marked as Part Time then the rank they are listed as having is there true rank, however they may choose to use weaker armors and weapons instead of always having the power of there stated rank.

Not everything is set in stone. Some players may also drift between ranks. Furthermore some players may meet most requirements for a rank but may not meet others. If you would like to chime in about this ranking system, post below. I am always looking for ways to refine and update the method of determining ranks and raw power on Astria.

Example Ranks
Player Name: Empowered Knight
Player Name: Scrub
Player Name: Demi-God+
Player Name: Part-Time God

Player Rankings
Note some rankings are estimates as the player may not be fully forth coming with the exact item setup they are using.
Players not listed have not been ranked, and have a undetermined rank.

- Dwarfinking: Empowered God+
-TTL_Computer: Empowered God+
- Neon_Cyclops: God

-04-13-2020: Overhauled the v2 update. Moved requirements for utility items into there own modifier instead of being a part of a ranks requierments.
Last Edit: 13th Apr by TTL_Computer
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