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Ban Appeal for x_Biyf_Tyler_x
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Joined: 29th Jun 2018
Rank: Member
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25th Aug 2019

Greifing spawn and rudeness
I just want apologized for what I have done.  It's a been a year since I got banned. I thought that I would not miss this server, although I was mistaken.  I do not know why I would do this on a server I used to call my favorite.  I just want to apoligize to Daniel TTL, Rainbow, Lightdragon, Neon, and other players I have been rude too in the past.  I regret all the things I have done to everyone and the server.  I will do by best to fix any damages.
Joined: 28th Jan 2016
Rank: Owner
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25th Aug 2019

Your Ban Appeal has been accepted.
However it may be a few hours before the unban is reflected on the server.

Since it has been a while since you last played I have added links to the rules and recent major news posts.
Rules: https://danielreturnweb.w ... ite.com/astria/rules

Last Few news Posts (sorted by date posted):
[Jan 16th] http://astriaserverforms. ... .com/newspost/108836
[Feb 17th] http://astriaserverforms. ... .com/newspost/108921
[Jun 25th] http://astriaserverforms. ... .com/newspost/109244
[Aug 8th] http://astriaserverforms. ... .com/newspost/109321
[Aug 14th, 1.14 info] http://astriaserverforms. ... .com/newspost/109335

Joined: 29th Jun 2018
Rank: Member
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25th Aug 2019

Thank you for the Unban Daniel
Forum » Forums » Ban Appeals
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