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Nether Hub System Policies, Rules, and Membership
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17th Apr

This forum post dictates the Nether Hub Coalition (Coalition), Policies and Rules Regarding Astria's Nether Hub System, which consist of the Nether Hub, Nether Highway's, Nether Roadways and other interconnected systems. The Nether Hub System is also known as the Nether Transit System.

This forum is a continuation and updated version of the original forum post.
This topic was created due to the Nether Hub Public Builds Post that Daniel_return created on the main website. The coalition's purpose is to help regulate and unify the the Nether Hub Systems and bring order to how its controlled. 

What follows are the Policies and Rules that all players and coalition members connected to the Nether Hub System must follow.

Nether Hub System Rules and Policies
What follows are the rules that all players who are connected to the Nether Hub System must follow.

Connecting to the Nether Hub System
  Any player may connect to the Nether Hub System as long as they follow the rules outlined within this forum post. Any players who break the rules, will be dealt with by Coalition Members. This can include having your pathway's blocked or removed. In extreme cases Coalition Members may get the involvement of Astria's Staff.

Changing Nether Hub System connections
  Once a Tunnel or roadway is connected to the Nether Hub, it is permanently part of the nether hub. If a player wishes to disconnect there portal from the Nether Hub System, they may. However this must consist of them deactivating the portal or building a wall around it that follows the Nether Portal Rules (See section below). The roadway or tunnel they are connected to must not be blocked, disconnected or impeded. 
  If the user wishes to continue using their portal to access the nether they may ask the coalition for special considerations. They must also build a pathway from their portal to the Open Nether, while not blocking or impeding the Nether Hub System.

Nether Hub Tunnel Structure
  Tunnels must be a minimum of 3 blocks wide. They must also be a minimum of 4 blocks tall. 
  The floor of the tunnel should be Packed Ice, cobblestone, stone and its variants or/and netherrack. 
  Tunnels that break out into open nether should be enclosed in cobblestone, stone and its variants, or/and another block that Ghasts cannot blow up. Each tunnel should have a sign stating where it connects too. 
  Tunnel's should be kept flat with no inclines except for where required. A player may also build water elevators to move up and down between tunnel Levels. These elevators need to be Player, Livestock, and boat safe. If the elevator's are not safe, then alternatives must be provided. 
  Furthermore If a player makes a 5 wide tunnel the outer edges may be used for a powered rail system or other forms of transport. 
  Old Tunnels made before 4-17-2020 are exempt from this Structure Rule.
Nether Portal Rules
  These rules only effect Nether Portals that are connected to the Nether Hubs, this includes there Nether and Overworld side.
  Nether portals and the surrounding 10x10x10 area (from center of the portal) are controlled by the owning player and may be land claimed. They may also have a wall around them or case to prevent players from entering them. However it may not trap players in the portal itself. 
  If the players Nether Portal (in the Nether) is at a Hub, or crossroads any wall or design build around it must allow the roadway to go around it and not block the Nether Hub System.
Miscellaneous Rules
  Players may not connect any Nether Hub Systems or other transit systems to the Nether Hub System. 
  Players May not create a second or separate Nether Hub System.
  Players may not do anything that would impede or block the Nether Hub System.
  Coalition Members are players who are in charge of the Nether Hub System. These players make the Policies and Rules regarding the Nether Hub System.

Becoming a Coalition Member
  To be a member the player must be connected to the Nether Hub System with a well defined road/highway. This connection needs to follow the Nether Hub Tunnel Structure Rules and the player must actively participate in the coalition. The player must notify the Coalition of their connection and will to join. 
  If a player does not meet these requirements they are not a Coalition Member. Furthermore, if a player connects to the Nether Hub System, but does not want join the Coalition as a member, they do not have too.
  Participation & Inactivity
  If a player has not been participating in the coalition, they will be marked as inactive and have there Membership Revoked. 
  Participating in the coalition is defined as issuing a vote, voting on a vote, joining discussions about the Nether Hub Coalition as well as repairing and up-keeping the Nether Hub and Highways. 
  To rejoin the coalition the inactive player must ask for a vote to be held to allow them to gain there membership back.
  Revoking Memberships
  Memberships cannot be revoked except though inactivity, or disobeying the Policies and Rules.
  Players cannot have there Membership revoked by votes.
  As Daniel_return stated in the Public Builds Post, he wants everyone connected to the Nether Hub to have a say in how its ran. Though of course within reason.
  A vote topic may be issued by anyone connected in to the Nether Hub, but only Coalition Members may vote. 
  Each member gets one vote. Each member can vote YES, NO, or ABSTAIN. 
  Voting is done in this form. Once a vote is issued players have 48 hours to respond. After this time is up, their response is counted as ABSTAIN.
  For a Vote Topic to Pass, it must get at least 51% of the votes out of the non ABSTAIN votes.

Current Connections and Coalition Members
- TTL_Computer
- x_Biyf_Tyler_x [invalid - inactivity]
- diamondminingtj [invalid - inactivity]
- Salijoel
- Neon_Cyclops [todo: update to his new name]
Last Edit: 11th Jun by danielreturn
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