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Form Rules
The rules of the form
21st Apr 2017 by Ownerdanielreturn in Rules [4-21-201...
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Astria Server
Talk about the server and what your doing, and stuff like that.
23rd Mar by MemberTTL_Computer in Survival Streng...
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Forms & Server Help
Need Help with using the forms or playing on the server & using commands, ask here.
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Job Form
Have a job that needs to be done on the server? Post it here! i.e. Mining job, tree felling job, etc
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Public Builds
This is where you can post about Public Builds (See website)
17th Apr by MemberTTL_Computer in Nether Hub/High...
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General Discussion
Talk about anything here!
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Ban Appeals
Did you get banned, appeal here. Not all bans can be appealed.
25th Aug 2019 by Memberx_Biyf_Tyler_x in Ban Appeal for ...
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Server Bugs
Find a bug with a command or plugin on the Server, post it here so the owner can fix it.
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Report rule breakers and Hackers on this form.
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