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PvE Update Progress and Other News
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Apr 2018
As you all know I had planed on doing 4 major plugin updates to the server. The first major update the PvP update has come and gone. Since then I have been working on the PvE update. Unfortunately I have been unable to work on most of my programming projects including the PvE update because of hardware issuers with my computer. A stick of memory (RAM) had died and I did not have enough ram to run the test server on my computer along side the minecraft client and programming environment. 

Unfortunately due to NAND shortages the technology behind RAM, Memory prices have increased. However I will be ordering new RAM something this week. I may take a week or two for the RAM to be delivered but once I get it I will repair my computer I will start working on the new plugin updates (along with some other programming projects). Sorry for the delay in informing everyone about the computer issues I have been having, I was originally hoping to have it fixed by now.

In other news I am continuing to do the Server Advertising Campaign every Friday night around 5 and 6 pm Arizona Time. So far 2 new players have joined the server during one of the Fridays but they did not get back on. Furthermore about 20 new players have joined on other days mainly during the morning hours. However since most of the player base plays in the afternoon (Arizona time) these 20 players have not continued to get back on. 

This is a great start. Even though these players have not stayed on the server, the hit and join count for the server is going up. As more players look at the server and join the server (even if they do not stay) the server will be given better results allowing for even more people to see it. Soon we will have new players who will start playing regularly. And some life will be given back to Astria.

Ok now for the 1.13 update. I do not know how long it will take me to update the server to 1.13. With the 1.13 update I will expand the world border to allow access to new biomes and resources. Spigot, the server software that I use, Has a 1.13 server snapshop that is out, but due to my computer problems I have been unable to test it out and start updating my plugins. Once 1.13 is out I will need to update my plugins to work with 1.13 as well as wait for the other plugins used to be updated to 1.13. Since 1.13 has many technical changes this may take some time to do.

In summery I will be continuing to program the PvE update within a few weeks once I order and receive my ram. The Server Advertising Campaign will continue and is starting to see signs that it is working to draw in new players. And last but not least I wish to update to the 1.13 version of minecraft as soon as possible.

That's all for now, Hope everyone has a nice day.

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