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PvE Update-Custom Mobs
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th May

NOTICE: This post contains formatting issues that cannot be fixed so it may look strange. 
For a clearer post go to the website: http://danielreturnweb.wi ... E-Update-Custom-Mobs

As stated in the last news post I have been having some computer hardware issues. While I am still having those issues I have been able to do some minor work on PvE Plugins. The Custom Mob API that I have been working on is now functioning. I decided to do a news post about the custom mob plugin and the features it will have as well as a sneak peak of two custom mobs that will be added with this plugin.

The first major part of this plugin is the API for creating custom mobs. With this API I can easily create new custom monsters for players to fight. This plugin allows me to make Custom Mobs that are more powerful then the NBT mobs currently on the server. I can also give the Custom Mobs abilities that aid in increasing the difficulty of fighting them.

The second major part of this mob is natural mob spawning. Custom mobs will spawn naturally in the world. The NBT custom mobs that we currently have on the server can only be spawned in with command blocks located in the custom mob area. Now we no longer need the custom mob area. A month or so after the PvE update goes live, I will be closing the custom mob area at spawn. I know this will make some of you sad since you enjoy grinding for the custom loot, but keeping the Custom Mob Area would be redundant with custom mob spawning.

The third major part of this plugin is the Bestiary.  The Bestiary is an enciclopedia of monster information. Pokemon fans can think of it like a Pokedex. Upon killing a monster you will get basic information about it such as its life and damage. Once you kill a few more of that custom monster you learn its description. And a few more kills after that you gain the technical infomation about that custom mob.

Well that was the basic over view of the new Custom Mob Plugin. Here is a sneak peak of a few custom monsters.

Here are there descriptions:
   Forest Dweller: A zombie that dwells in forests.","It blind's its pray before the kill
   Ranger: Rangers are known for there lethal poison and ability to heal wounds.

Hope you all have fun trying to figure out what these mobs do an what other custom mobs I have in store for the server.

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