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PvE Update this Tuesday
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st May 2018
The PvE update will occur this Tuesday (5-22-2018). This update will consist of many PvE changes and new mechanics. I will go over a few changes here, but I will cover all changes in the news post about the PvE Release.

Custom mobs
During the PvE update I will be introducing the server to custom mobs. Currently these custom mobs are simple and slimier to the monsters found in the Mob Area, however the Custom Mobs Plugin will allow me to add in more advanced custom mobs in the future. Furthermore these custom mobs will spawn naturally in the world. Most of the custom mobs drops are the same as there vanilla counterparts but a few drop different drops while one will drop a custom item.

Risky Enderdragon
The ender dragon fight on this server is a joke because of warps and keep inventory. The ender dragon was once worth a large amount of coins but has since dropped down to 200 coins. I reduced the amount of coins the dragon dropped because of how easy it was to fight the ender dragon. Attack-> Die -> warp -> attack. Just repeat until the dragon was dead. No longer is this the case. Upon dying to the ender dragon the dragon will fly away until a worthy opponent summons it.

Monster Inflicted Bleeding
With the PvP update bleeding was added in for PvP, now I am expanding the bleeding mechanic to allow monsters to cause the player to bleed. Monsters in the game such as Zombies and Creepers can cause the player to bleed when they attack the player.

Environment changes:
With this update growing food will be more of a challenge. Crops grow slower and have a chance to die. Animals such as cows will have a chance for breeding to fail. Upon a failed breed no baby will spawn and only 20% xp will be provided. Creepers will drop less xp but will drop extra gunpowder.

That's just a brief overview of the update. Once I have completed the update I will go into details about this update including a few things that were not mentioned here.

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