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PvE Update is Live
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd May 2018
The PvE Update is now Live! With this update there are many new PvE features on the server. Surviving against the environment just got more challenging.

Custom Mobs
During the PvE update I will be introducing the server to custom mobs. These Custom Mobs will spawn naturally in the world. Most of the custom mobs drops are the same as there vanilla counterparts but a few have different drops while others will drop custom items. Stronger custom mobs will spawn less frequently then the weaker one's and have better drops. All custom mobs drop more xp then vanilla mobs. This in turn will make gathering xp faster. Some custom mobs only spawn in specific biome's. As the server grows more custom mobs will be added as well as some older ones being removed.
Note: all custom monsters were tested with me using unenchanted diamond armor and weapons.

Along with the Custom Mobs comes the Bestiary system. This system allows players to gain knowledge about mobs upon killing them. The more you kill a mob the more knowledge you gain about them. This also keeps track of your monster kill counts. The information you can view about mobs are: Attack, Life, Description, Biome's it spawns in, and technical information.  To use this command do "/bestiary help"

Crop Growth Changes
To make survivability harder I have introduced a plugin that will slow down crop growth as well as give crops a chance to die when growing. This will make food harder to get on the server which is currently very abundant. 

Breeding Changes
Along with the Crop Growth Changes, I have changed breeding. When 2 animals breed there is a chance for the breeding to fail and for no offspring to spawn. Along with this the xp drop from breeding will be reduced to only 20% if the breeding fails. As stated in the Crop Growth Changes this will aid in making food more scarce on the server. This also will increase the amount of resources it takes to breed animals since the breeding items will still be consumed.

Risky Ender Dragon
Risky Ender Dragon is a new mechanic that causes the ender dragon to despawn if the player(s)  fighting the dragon die. In vanilla minecraft the dragon is a hard fight with a high risk. If you die, you loose all of your items and must find your way back to the end portal. On Astria keep inventory is active and players can warp back to the end. Due the keep inventory and warping there is no risk to fighting the dragon. If you die, just warp back. With this new mechanic the risk of dying to the enderdragon becomes real. If you die, you loose your chance to fight the dragon until you summon it once more.

Other Changes
Creepers now drop extra gunpowder when killed. However they drop 15% less xp.
The Wither Boss will drop 500 less coins instead of 600.
The Ender Dragon now drops 400 coins.
New Enchantment: Critical Strike. Gives the player the ability to deal 0-3 more damage to mobs and 0-1 more damage to players randomly. 

Thats all for the PvE update. I will update this post if I forgot anything. Don't like some of the changes, think something should be rebalanced, or found a bug? "/mail" me in game or replay to this news post.

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