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Bug Fix updates
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th May 2018
Yesterday after the PvE update I noticed some bugs with many of the custom mobs. This ranged from creepers dropping too much gunpowder to some custom mobs not spawning correctly. I did 2 patches yesterday that fixed many of the issues. However some bugs were not patched and I introduced a few more bugs.

Furthermore I have changed some of the spawning mechanics and rates of a few of the custom mobs and there drop rates. 

Changes (not a comprehensive list):
-Increased Swamp Creature spawn rate
-Decreased Creeper drop rate
-Increased spawn rate for Assassin, Ranger, Elite Ranger.
-Rangers now spawn with bows. (a previous bug fixe introduced this bug)
-Increased drop rates for Ranger and Elite Ranger.
-Decreased drop rate of wood by the Forest Dweller
-Other spawn rate changes.
-The First now has 50% damage reduction from arrows.

Update: 5-24-2018
-Forest Dweller blindness increased to 5 seconds from 4.
-Forest Dweller drops Less logs
-Swamp Creature now has a helment
-Creepers and Swamp Creatures should not despawn during the day.
-Creepers extra gunpowder drop is now a 40% chance insted of 100%.
-Changed spawn weights of many custom monsters.

Update: 5-28-2018
-Creepers only drop extra gunpowder if they are already dropping gunpowder. (this bonus is still a 40% bonus)
-Forest Dwellers no longer despawn during the day, However they will still burn.

Update: 5-29-2018 (#1)
-Buff Zombies no longer take fire damage.
-Assassins spawn rate increase
-Assassins potion drop rate increase
-Assassins double damage now fixed.
-Swamp Creature xp drop increased and Swampy Flesh drop rate increased if using Looting or under the effect of Luck.
-Other Minor Bug Fixes

Update: 5-29-2018 (#2)
-Fixed bug where the first's 50% projectile protection did not work
-Assassins potion drop duration increase by 2 seconds.
-Buff Zombies damage reduction is now 30% to 60% instead of 20% to 50%
-Added in concepts sub command for Bestiary
-Other Minor Bug Fixes

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