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Welcome to astria forms. At this time the forms is under construction. So there is a good chance that the layout and everything else will be changed.

Have any ideas for the forum or see spelling that needs to be corected create a post on the Forum Suggestionsform.
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Minor Updates 6-19-2018 to 06-25-2018
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Jun

Over the last few days I have done a few minor updates. Most of the updates were to fix bugs.

-All custom monsters that previously were set to not despawn, have been made to depsawn once again. This will decrease how common they are as well as reduce CPU time spent on Entities.
-Custom Mob names are no longer shown unless the player is looking at them. (Changed to make finding underground areas harder)
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a null error bug that was preventing some players from using the home command.

-Decreased Crop Death Rates.
-Added in more crops to the CropGrowth Manager (i.e. more crops now grow slower and have a chance to die)
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a bug with the Risky Enderdragon System that caused end crystals to be removed upon death of some entities as well as caused some minor lag.

-Removed the modified money drops from custom monsters
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a bug where the ender dragon and wither boss would not drop there money or would only drop a few coins.

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