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The Crafting Update Plan Revised #2
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 3rd Jul 2018
This is a revised version of the First Revised Version of the Crafting Update Plan.

With the Crafting Update I will be adding in recipes for blocks and items that can normally not be crafted as well as conversion recipes for blocks like quarts and glow stone. Along with recipes for vanilla items I will be adding in custom items and there associated recipes. This will included existing custom items as well as new custom items. Furthermore new Enchantments will be added in to support existing material types.

Recipes Added: 
Quarts Block to 4 Quarts
Glowstone block to 4 glowstone
Mining glowstone will provide 4 glowstone
Clay Blocks to 4 clay
Clay blocks will allways drop 4 clay
Rabbit Hide: 1 rotton flesh, 1 sugar, 1 mushroom.
Create a rabbits hide by fermenting rotten flesh
Podzol: 1 grass block, 3 spruce leaves
Packed Ice from 9 ice. [May not add this recipe in if its added to Minecraft 1.13] 
Chain Armor: Made from iron nuggets.

Custom Item Recipes and New Custom Items
Life Armor: 1 Diamond Armor Piece with 1 totem of Undying.
Each armor piece provides a life boost. A full set provides +20 Maximum HP.
Life Armor has been in the game for some time now, however it is a very rare armor set, and most existing sets have stopped working properly due to updating to newer versions of minecraft.
Walking Stick:
A stick that increases movement speed when held. Stacks with boots of speed
Fighter Potion:
The Fighter Potion that can currently be bought from the server shop
Recipe: 1 Strength II potion + 1 Dragons Breath + 1 Diamond.
Potion of Movement
Originally this was planned to be sold at the server shop, it may still be sold there but will also be craft-able.
Mining Potion
The mining potion currently sold at the server shop
Minor Life Force Potion
The minor life force potion was obtainable from a custom mob in the Mob Area.
Life Force Potion
The life force potion that is sold at the server shop. (This may change)
Frenzy Potion
The Frenzy Potion that is currently sold at the server shop.
Boots of Speed
I want to make Boots of Speed craft-able however I have not come up with a good recipe for them yet. So they may not be added in during this update.
However current boots of speed (and future ones) will have a durability loss reduction of 70% to allow them to be used in PvP and PvE. (where they would degrade very quickly due to there low durability).
Breaching Gem:
A gem that allows the user to teleport though many blocks. This will allow players to breach into another players home. Due to how powerful this item is there will be major limitations on it. The Breaching Gem will be expensive to make, cost XP, and each item has 1 use. Furthermore each player can only use 1 Breaching Gem once per 48 hours. It may also have a mechanic that pulls the player out of the area they breached to after 20 minutes.
Note: this item is under heavy critiquing at this time. There is a very good chance that this item may not make it onto the server in this update. (or at all) I am trying to think of all the ways it can be used and abused. 
Wither Star Fragments: Fragments made from a wither star.
Daggers are weapons held in the offhand slot that increase over all damage by a few points. They cannot be used as normal weapons.
A few other custom items that are in the game with a few that have yet to be added but were planed. 
New Enchantments:
No new Enchantments will be added in this update.
Server Shop Changes:
I will be removing a few items from being sold at server shops.
Battle Potion 1.x
Battle Potion 2.x
Greater Shield Potion
Some items may also have price changes.

Combining  Potions Mechanic
Players will be able to combined potions together using a crafting table. This will work for normal potions as well as custom potions. For every effect that would be on the Result Potion the player will pay experience. Potions combined in this way can be created as a unstable potion which will add a negative effect such as poison or slowness onto it. To stabilize the potion the crafter must craft the potion with a Wither Star Fragment. Once a Potion is stabilized, any potions made from it will also be stabilized. 

Official Astria Resource Pack
I have begone work on a Resource Pack for Astria. This will be a simple pack that contains textures for a few of the custom items that are being added to the server during this update. This can be placed over other Resource packs without interfering with those packs. Vanilla Resources will not be changed by Astria's Resource Pack,

Other Changes
I will be adding in a few more custom mobs onto the server.

As with all update plans nothing is final. Recipes and items may change as well as other things in this plan. If you have any recipes you think should be added in or changed, or have a idea related to new recipes or items, leave a comment on this news post on the web site or forms. You can also /mail Daniel_return with suggestions. 

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