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The Crafting Update Progress Report #3
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Jul 2018
Its been about 2 weeks since the last Crafting update Progress Report. As it stands now the Crafting Update is almost complete. The main features of this update are almost done. The only features left is a new money drop plugin to allow custom monsters to drop differing amounts of money upon being killed.

-Potion Combining now works properly. 
-Many Bug Fixes.
-Astria Resource Pack is almost complete.

-More Bug Fixes
-Minor changes to a few plugins
-A new Money Drop Plugin
-1 new admin plugin.
-Create a virtual durability system to help augment items that need increased durability. (for boots of speed and a few other future custom items)
-Removal of some items from the server shop
  +Battle Potion 1.1, Battle Potion 2.1, Greater Shield Potion and the Saddle. (Saddle is now be crafted).
-Adding a new webpage to the website to list all new items and recipes. 

I currently do not have a ETA on the release of the Crafting Update.

Want to try out some of the new items and mechanics added in to this update? join the test server at astriaserver.ddns.net:25566

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