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The Crafting Update Progress Report #4
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Aug 2018
Here is a quick update on the Crafting Update.

-Wither Wand: Wither wand now functions with its ability. (See Website->Custom Objects-> Custom Items)
-Giants Heart: Giants heart now functions and does not cause too much lag (on my local test server, needs to be conferred on public test server). (See Website->Custom Objects-> Custom Items)
-Virtual Durability System: This system allows me to remap the durability of an object to a greater or lesser virtual durability. Currently this system is only used for boots of speed.
-Boots of speed: Boots of speed now have 500 durability thanks to the Virtual Durability System.

-Minor changes to some plugins
-A new Money Drop Plugin
-1 new admin plugin.
-Removal of some items from the server shop
  +Battle Potion 1.1, Battle Potion 2.1, Greater Shield Potion and the Saddle. (Saddle is now be crafted).
-Finish adding custom items and recipes to website (and forums)

The Crafting update is almost compleat. I just have a few more bugs to kill and 2 new plugins to work on.
I currently do not have a ETA on the release of the Crafting Update.

Want to try out some of the new items and mechanics added in to this update? join the test server at astriaserver.ddns.net:25566

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