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Crafting Update now Live!
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Aug 2018
The wait is over! Due to a plugin being completed much earlier then expected I have decided to push the Crafting Update to the server today! I know its short notice since there was no post before stating the day the update would occur on however I chose to release it today so all may enjoy the new items and monsters.

New Additions
There are new recipes for vanilla items such as Quarts blocks to quarts, Glowstone blocks to glowstone dust, clay blocks to clay bals, saddles, and Chain armor using Iron nuggets. Visit the website for a list of recipes and associated crafting images.

Custom Items
Daggers: Daggers are weapons used in the off hand. They increase your attack damage by a small amount. Daggers can be crafted from 1 stick and 1 coblestone, iron ingot, or diamond. (and 1 wood if you want a wood dagger)

Walking Staff: the walking staff is a craft-able item that can be held to move 20% faster. The speed boost it provides stacks with Boots of Speed and Potions.

Wither Wand: This is a wand that is dropped by the Wither Skeleton Occultist. When used it can place Wither II upon your opponents or your opponents and yourself. It has 3 uses.

Charred Bones: These are bones dropped by all forms of Wither Skeletons. They are a rare drop and can only drop if the player has looting. Currently they are not used for anything but will be used in crafting in the future.

Heavy Shield: A shield that is dropped by mesa dwellers. Slows movement down by 10% but has 50% knockback resistance. This means that 50% of the times you are knocked back will be cancelled. 

Nether Star Fragment: Crafted from a Nether Star you get 16 Fragments. Fragments are used to craft Combination Potions and will also be in a few future crafting recipes.

Giant Heart: This hart is a rare drop from the Mountain Giant. When used it consumes 40 levels and will mine out an entire chunk of ores, obsidian, glowstone, and quarts.

Fermented Leather: made with mushrooms and rotten flesh, fermented leather is a way to turn Rotten Flesh into Leather.

Life Armor: Life armor is a powerful diamond armor set. It is crafted from diamonds and Totems of Undying. Each piece provides a increase to maximum health. A full set will provide 20 Health.

Custom Potions: There are various custom potions on the server that can now be crafted.
Fighter Potion: a potion that increases your ability to Fight. Also dropped by the Fighter monster.
Potion of Movement: a potion that increases your ability to move.
Minor Life Force Potion: A potion that slightly increases maximum health for a short duration.
Life Force Potion: A potion that increases maximum health for a short duration
Frenzy Potion: places the user into a fighting frenzy.

All Custom Items can be found on the website under Custom Objects. This will list all custom items along with there recipes. 

New monsters will be listed here however I will not be providing information about them. This way players can use the Bestiary system (/bestiary help) to learn about the custom monsters as they kill them.

Forceful Creeper
Haunted Armor
Wither Skeleton
Wither Skeleton Archer
Wither Skeleton Occultists
Mountain Giant

Other Additions
Added Ethereal Concept to the "/bestiary concepts" command.

New & changed Commands
/xpBottle: a comment to take and store experience in a bottle.
/shops: can now be tab compleated
home: can now be tab completed. "/home" will now take you to your home named "home" or to the first home you have in no home with the name "home" can be found
/warp can now be tab completed.

New Mechanics
Placing XP into bottles for Storage
Virtual Durability System: This allows me to change the durability of some custom items. Currently its only implemented for boots of speed.
Combined Potions: Potions can now be combined in a crafting table. To do this take 2 potions and place them into a crafting grid. The resulting potion will have the effects of the first two. However potions combined in this way can become unstable and have a negative effect placed upon them. To prevent this add a Nether Star Fragment to the crafting table. Once this is done the resulting potion will be stable. Any potions crafted from a stable potion will always be stable.

The First now has Hardened skin. All projectile damage is reduced to 2.
The mesa dweller now drops a Heavy Shield
Rangers and Elite Rangers now get stronger healing from launched arrows based on distance away from spawn
Reinforced Structure now has a maximum level of 4

Major Bug Fixes
Buff Zombies now have proper damage reduction
Fixed Bugs associated with the Mesa Dweller. Mesa Dweller spawning is now re-enabled.
Fixed a bug that prevented the firsts projectile damage reduction from working (has now been replaced with Hardened Skin)
Reinforced Structure Shield Enchantment now reduces damage correctly and does damage reduction 100% of the time. Previously a bug caused the enchantment to only trigger occasionally.

Astria Resource Pack
I have created a resource pack for the server and its players to use. This is only used for custom items and should not inter fear with any other resource packs that you may use.
If you fail to download the pack upon joining the server you can find it here.

Server Changes
Battle Potions and Greater Shield Potions are no longer sold at the server shop
Saddles are no longer sold at the server shop.
Wood Log prices have increased. 

This was a lot to type out. If you have any questions, concerns or found a bug leave a comment on this news post (on the website or forums) or send me in game mail using /mail.

I will be taking a short break from plugin development (except to fix any bugs that show up). Once the break is over I will be working on a few minor plugin updates and then start on the 4th major update of the Survival Enhancement Plan. 

Good luck to everyone in finding and crafting the new items! I hope you all enjoy them.

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