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Crafting Update Bug Fix #3
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Aug 2018
Here is another set of Bug Fixes and Changes relating to bugs that were introduced in the Crafting Update.

Changed Wither Skeleton Occultist spell targeting AI a little.
Changed Particle System displaying Wither Skeleton Occultists Spells

Bug Fixes:
Wither Wand no longer usable in admin claims (such as spawn)
Potion Tipped Arrows no longer work in Admin claims (Not Tested, so if someone could test this it would be appreciated) 
Custom Monsters no longer spawn in admin claims
Fixed some issues and bugs with the Bleeding Mechanic
Fixed the bug where swampy flesh could not heal life over 20 HP for players with more then 20 maximum health
Other Minor Bug Fixes.

Wix is experiencing some issues right now so I was unable to post news on the Main Website. However once those issues are fixed, I will post this news there to.

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