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Plugin Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Sep 2018
I got around to doing today plugin update instead of it occurring tomorrow. 
Not only are there a lot of bug fixes (most I will not bore you with) but there are new features!.

New Features and changes:
-First off Giant Hearts are now re-enabled!
-Mail older then 90 days is considered expired and will be auto deleted.
-/tpa now has auto tab complete for its commands!
-xpbottles can now have xp added to them using the store command.
-chest shops can now sell the new custom items such as Giant Hearts and Wither Wands!
-Added WildTp plugin to the server. This allows players to teleport to the wild.

Bug Fixes:
-/warp now auto completes.
-Added in some code to help track down the pesky bleeding bug

Other Changes:
-The world boarder has expanded by 8500 blocks so more 1.12 features can be generated. The world boarder will be expanded even more once the server updates to 1.13. (No ETA for that)
-Updated some of the support plugins that players nomaly do not interact with directly. 

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