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Astria Future Minecraft Updates
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Oct 2018
Since the server has first gone life I have always been very slow to update to the newest release of Minecraft. The main reason behind this is plugin incompatibility. However some of the major updates such as Minecraft 1.13 introduce game breaking bugs that prevent me from updating the server.

With the release of 1.13 and 1.13.1 there were game breaking bugs in the form of world breaking. When updating from a world generated in 1.12.2 or older, chests would loose some or all of there items among other world bugs. However with the release of 1.13.2 the bugs should be mostly fixed.

As of to day I am looking into updating the server to Minecraft 1.13.2. However I am still on the watch for game breaking bugs that would prevent this update. Furthermore all plugins I program for the server are programmed for 1.12.1, with a few targeting older Minecraft versions. To update to 1.13.2 I will need to update all of my plugins to target and use 1.13.2. For some plugins this will take little time. However some of the plugins use features of 1.12.2 that are no longer in 1.13.x or have been replaced and may take a long time to update. There is also the problem of the plugins that the server uses that I do not make my self. Some have been updated to 1.13 but not all of them have. So we will also need to wait for those plugins to update.

At this time I have no ETA for when the server will update to 1.13.2 but I wanted everyone to know it is being thought about and being worked on. It is also possible that some plugins may be removed from the server along with this update if they are not updated to 1.13.2. 

When I update to 1.13.2 I will be resetting the end. All builds and items in the end will be deleted so you may want to get any items you have in the end into the main world. With the removal of the end, the 1.13.2 world conversion will take less time and will allow for a new fresh end with new unraided end cities and Shulkers.

Later today (or tomorrow) I will be updating the server to 1.12.2 (I previously attempted to do this a few months ago but was meet with some bugs).

The process of preparing for the 1.13.2 update and the update its self will take some time. I am still in school and this year my scheduled is very chaotic leaving me very little time to program and update plugins.

That's all for now, hopefully all of the game breaking bugs are fully removed from 1.13.

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