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November 27 Plugin & bug fix Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Nov 2018
I know plugin development and server updating has been slow the past few months and I would like to apologize for that. This semester is almost over and once i'm finished with school I will have more time to work on the server. However I have a small update that will fix some bugs, change a few things, and add in a new custom item.

Bug Fixes:
  -Fixed Mountain Giants not spawning.
  -Cleaving Attack and other Bleeding related bugs are now fixed
  -Swampy Flesh can now heal a player up to full HP. (Previously if you were down by 1-2 hp, the healing effect of Swampy Flesh would not work)
  -Fighters can now spawn with leather or iron chestplates
  -Fighters can spawn spawn with shields that decrease damage dealt to them.
  -Buffed the attacks of the Mountain Giant by a small amount
  -Wither Skeleton Occultists Have had there Wither's Might Spell Buffed. It now Grants 3 seconds of speed 1 to the target.
  -Wither Skeletons and variants of them no longer take damage from Wither Skeleton Archers.
  -Enderblock now deals higher bonus damage to end creatures.
  -Serrated Blade Bleeding duration increased by a small amount.
  -Bleeding chance for Axe and Sword reduced.
  -Swampy Flesh now heals for 4 health instead of 2. (2 Hearts, instead of 1 heart)
  -New Players now start with 16 Pork Chops instead of 8, 32 Torches instead of 16, 1 wood sword, and a Crafting Table.

  -Beast Escalation Potion: When drunk monster spawn rates increase by 50% for the next 10 minutes.

Upcoming Changes:
  -Repair Changes: Currently players can repair items using levels, money, and items. In a future update, the level repair will be changed to using xp to repair instead.
  -New Custom Items: I have many new custom items planned for the server. Some are still being designed while others are fully designed and need to be programmed in.

1.13 Update:
I have not had a lot of time to work on the 1.13 update. However once this semester ends I will be pushing ahead with updating my plugins to 1.13. As I progress with updating my plugins I will make progress reports. I currently have no ETA on when I will update the server to 1.13 as there are plugins I use from other plugin creators that have yet to be updated.

1.14 Update:
The 1.14 update will occur once 1.14 is released and a stable server is released by the Spigot team, and of course all plugins are updated to 1.14. While some features of 1.14 I do question, others are a great welcome. 1 feature of 1.14 I am looking forward to will allow custom items to be made easier. 

That's it for this plugin update hope you enjoy the changes and have a great day.

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