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Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Dec 2018
Well this semester has ended! Yay! That means I now have more time to work on managing and update the server and its plugins. Starting today, I am dedicating more time to working on the next content update that will hopefully be out in the next few weeks.
This update will include a few new monsters, a few new items as well as potentially monsters that can be summoned to aid you in battle.

After this content update I will only be focusing on bug fixes for a little while. This is mainly due to the fact that after this content update I will be working on updating all of my plugins to work with 1.13.2.
I would like to remind everyone with the 1.13.2 update I will be resetting the end. All builds and items in the end will be deleted so you will want to move any items you own in the end to another base in the Overworld or Nether. With the removal of the end, the 1.13.2 world conversion will take less time and will allow for a new fresh end with new unraided end cities and Shulkers.
Furthermore during the 1.13.2 update or shortly after I may be adding a customized version of ChestShops that will allow Custom Items to be sold easier. However this will break all existing shops and slightly reduce the control that players have over selling and buying items.

There is still no ETA for when I will be finished with the 1.13.2 update. I am also waiting on other plugins to update.

The 4th update of the Survival Enhancements Updates that I had planed will be put on hold until the server updates to 1.13.2.

As usual feel free to comment on this news post on the forums or send me in game mail (/mail s Daniel_return <message> with questions and concerns about future additions and changes as well as features currently on the server.

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