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1/17/2019 Plugin Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Jan 2019
Early tomorrow morning I will be pushing a small update to the server. This update will mainly consist of bug fixes. However I will be introducing a new voting plugin that will be replacing the current one.

This new voting plugin will reward players with tokens for voting. You can get a random value of tokens between 1 and 3. Vote tokens can be spent or saved to buy items from the vote menu. (/vote menu). Currently the item selection is smaller then the reward pool of the current vote plugin, but I will be adding more items to the new plugin slowly.

Now many of you may be wondering, the last news post stated that we would be getting new monsters, new items and other new things. This is what I originally wanted to do then do a few bug fix updates after that. However as I was coding and working on adding in new things I was running into many bugs. Furthermore I had a major bug reported to me by one of the players on Astria dealing with Potion Combinding. I decided to focus my attention on fixing bugs instead of content updates. The new voting plugin was mostly finished at this time so I decided to compleat it.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me, the next collage semester starts, its my birthday and I will be doing this minor update. Yes as you just read, collage is back and with that updates to the server will slow down. There should be a few more minor bug fix updates within the next few weeks but  content updates will be far and few.

I hope everyone likes the new voting plugin. I decided to create it to allow players to have a choice about the rewards they receive. While the pool of rewards is small and controlled by me, it will grow so players will have more choices of items they can choose from. Furthermore some hard to obtain items will be added. There may also be some items that can only be obtained by voting. (Such as the current reward of Magical Diamonds)

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