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Small Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Feb 2019
I have a small plugin update for the server. Its mostly changes with only a few additions and of course bug fixes.

  New Vote Rewards!

  -Custom monsters item drop chance formulas have been changed.
       -Bonus XP drop from luck has been removed from all monsters that drop items
       -Bonus XP drop from looting has been reduced or removed for all Monsters
       -Item Drop chance bonus and drop amount bonus from looting has been changed for all custom monsters.
       -Luck now gives 5% item drop chance bonus per point of luck. This includes lucks from Potion Effects, Items, and other sources.
       -Some item drop amounts are now increased based off of luck.
       -Luck Only effects drop amounts OR drop chance, not both.
       -Formulas max luck out at 10, so if you have 12 points of luck, it only counts as 10.
       -The algorithm for calculating the luck a player has now takes into account the luck attribute instead of just potion effects.
       -Some Custom Monsters Technical Bestiary Entry now states how Looting and Luck effect drop rates and drop amounts. Not all monsters have this entry. The entries will be added in future updates. (Reminder: to view bestiary information use the "/bestiary" command)
  -Wither Skeleton head drop chance slightly increased

Bug Fixes:
  -Fixed vote reward bug that only gave 1-2 vote rewards per vote instead of 1-3.
  -Other minor bug fixes.

Well that's it. I would like to note that Combined Potion Bug fixes are still in the works, and are still currently disabled on the server. Hopefully There will be another update within the next month or so with more updates. I am also still working on updating all plugins to work with 1.13.

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