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1.13/1.14 Update Current Progress
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd May 2019
1.13.2 Update
The current progress of the 1.13.2 update is going slow.
Currently 50% of the plugins for the server have been updated and tested to/for 1.13 or a higher version.

Some testing has been done for plugin compatibility and update related bugs, however there is more testing that must be done.

Currently I only have 5 plugins that I need to finish updating to 1.13.2. I also have 1 plugin that needs to be created for the 1.13.2 update. Plugins listed below.
  Astria Items
  Custom Mob API
  Survival Enhancements
  Warp and Homes
  Shulker Respawn (Must be created)

Currently not many people play on the server, and those who still get on, do not play very often. Due to the lack of players there will be no 1.13.2 test server. I will do my best to debug all plugins however, once the 1.13.2 update is complete expect bugs that may cause the world to be restored from backups.

With the 1.14 update I will be expanding the world border by 1000 blocks.

End Changes
I would like to reiterate that the End will be reset with the 1.13.2 update. You will need to get all items out of the End before the update or they will be lost. With the removal of the end, the 1.13.2 world conversion will take less time and will allow for a new fresh end with new unraided end cities and Shulkers. With the new refreshed end there will be new Shulkers within the word that will function with the Shulker Respawn Plugin. The only Structure from the End that will be kept is the End Grinder.

1.14 Update:
The 1.14 update will occur once 1.14 is released and a stable server is released by the Spigot team, and of course all plugins used are updated to 1.14. While I am not a fan of a few features of 1.14, others are a great welcome. 1 feature of 1.14 I am looking forward to will allow custom items to be made easier. And I expect to be making many new custom items after Astria is updated to 1.14.

Currently  there is no stable 1.14 release of spigot. Hopefuly by the time I update to 1.13.2 a stable enough version will exist. With the 1.14 update I will be expanding the world border by 3000 blocks.

Some of the new features of 1.14 clash with some of the features on Astria, such as the /salvage command and the grind stone. I will allow most features that clash to stay on the server and it will be up to players to decide which features they want to use.

Survival Enhancement #4
This update will be a mixture of the other three Survival Enhancements. Focusing on PvP, PvE, crafting, and new custom items and monsters. It will also contain some balance changes.
This update will occur sometime after the 1.14 update for the server.

Other Thoughts
As usual the Nether and Overworld will not be reset in any way. They will exist as they currently do and will just be expanded on.

Updates take time, especially with my scheduled. However I am going to try to get updates done quicker in the future.

I have stopped all advertising of the server until I complete the 1.14 update. Once the 1.14 update is completed I will start to advertise the server once more. I would like to remind everyone that new players still occasionally join the server. New players have a higher chance to stay apart of the server when they see regulars online. Many players also take into account the activity of voting upon a server, so if you can please vote to help the server be noticed. Doing so will also get you some tokens you can spend on buying items.

Last but not least, thanks for playing on Astria. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I would also like to say sorry for the lack of communication recently about the 1.13.2 and 1.14 updates.

As usual you can see the update progress on the servers MOTD.

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