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1.13.2 Update Coming This week!
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Jun 2019
I am glad to announce the 1.13.2 update will be coming sometime this week. Between 6-25-2019 and 7-1-2019.

With this update most plugins will be built agents 1.13.2 while some will be 1.13.x versions. However some plugins will be updated to there latest versions but are not built for 1.13.x but seem to be compatible.

There will be major changes coming to Astria with this update. A few plugins will be entirely replaced, Tab complete is (partially) broken, the end will be reset, the world boarder will be expanded and other changes.

End Changes
With this update the end will be reset. This means that the end will be deleted and regenerated. All builds, blocks, items, etc. will be loss. If you have anything in the end that you want to keep get it out of the end NOW!

With the removal of the end, the 1.13.2 world conversion will take less time and will allow for a new fresh end with new end cities and Shulkers. The only Structure from the End that will be kept is the End Grinder.

Shulker Respawn
With this update I will be introducing the Shulker Respawn plugin. When a shulker is killed, it will respawn 14 days later. This will allow Shulker Shells to be more renewable on the server.

Tab Complete Issues/Bugs
With 1.13.2 you get command suggestion pop ups when typing in a command. Most commands in my plugins will not display the proper command suggestions and will instead suggest the players name. I would like to remind everyone that if you need help with a command consult the command help or ask a staff member or another player.
I will be dealing with this issue after the update and it will hopefully be fixed within a few weeks.

World Boarder
With this update the world boarder will be expanded by 1500 Blocks. This will be further expanded with the 1.14.x update.

Currently not many people play on the server, and those who still get on, do not play very often. Due to the lack of players there was no 1.13.2 test server. I have done my best to test all plugins for this update, however I am not perfect and may have missed some minor and major bugs.

If you encounter any bugs please post them on the forums or by mailing me in game
 /mail Daniel_return <bug report message>.

Other Changes &  Information
The Astria Resource Pack will be updated. When you join the server you will be asked to download this resource pack.
I would like to remind everyone that this Resource Pack does not overwrite any textures except for the Golden Hoe and is only used for Custom Item Textures.

Potion Combinding will still be disabled as the major bug associated with it has not yet been fixed. However there is a change with Wither Star Fragments with this update. More information will be included with the updates news post.

There will be some changes with the Custom Enchantment API and the enchantments that I implement with it. This may cause existing custom enchantments to break.

There will be a major change to Tool Upkeeps /repair command that will change the fundamental way it works.

This update will take longer to do then others as the entire world will need to be updated to the new format(s) in 1.13.

Chest Shops may break due to 1.13's id changes. I have a plugin that is used to support old item ID's however some shops may still break. If any of your shops break, remaking the shop with the new Item ID's should fix the issue.
Furthermore the plugin that grants compatibility with the old Item ID system will be removed in the future, but I have no ETA when this removal will occure.

As always, there will a another news post when the server updates with a change log as well as other information about the update.

1.14 Update  Information
The 1.14 update will occur once a stable server is released by the Spigot team, and of course all plugins used are compatible with 1.14.

Currently vanilla 1.14.x has major issues and bugs. Due to this it may be some time before Astria is updated to 1.14. When it is updated it will be some 1.14.x version. I will be watching Minecraft's and Spigots respective Bug trackers as well as occasionally testing 1.14.x to know when a stable enough version is released for production use.

Along with the 1.14 update I will be expanding the world border by 3000 (or more) blocks.

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