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1.13.2 update is now Live!
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Jun 2019
The 1.13.2 update has been completed and is now live on the server. It was originaly planed to release some time this week, however I had time today to do the update. So here it is!

With this update comes many major and minor changes.

All plugins are now built for some variant of 1.13 or seem to be compatible with 1.13.2.
However there was no public test server for this update an there may be more bugs the usual with this update. If you spot a bug, please report it on the forums, Discord, or by mailing Daniel_return with /mail Daniel_return <message>.

End Reset & Changes
The end has been Reset. If you had any builds or items you did not remove before this update, they are gone. The end has been regenerated. This includes new End Cities with Shulkers.

With the new Shulker Respawn plugin shulkers will be more abundant then ever before. Shulkers will respawn 14 days after they have been killed, in the same location that they were killed in.

The only structure that will be kept from the end is the End Grinder. For those who have homes at the end grinder, please remove them. The end grinder will not be in the same place as it was before.

Tab Complete Issues/Bugs
With 1.13.2 command suggestion now pop up when typing in a command. Many commands on Astria will not display the proper command suggestion pop up and will instead suggest the players name.
I would like to remind everyone that if you need help with a command consult the command help or ask a staff member or another player.

I will be dealing with this issue after the update and it will hopefully be fixed within a few weeks.

World Boarder Expansion
With this update the world boarder will be expanded by 1500 Blocks. This will be further expanded with the 1.14.x update.

Repair Command Changes
/Repair has been changed in a fundamental way. When repairing with money or experience you now specify how much durability you want repaired on the held item, instead of specifying how much you want to pay.

Other Changes & Information
Astria Resource Pack: The Astria Resource Pack will be updated. When you join the server you will be asked to download this resource pack.
I would like to remind everyone that this Resource Pack does not overwrite any textures except for the Golden Hoe and is only used for Custom Item Textures.

Potion Combinding: Combinding of Potions will still be disabled as the major bug associated with it has not yet been fixed. However there is a change with Wither Star Fragments with this update. More information will be included with the updates news post.

Custom Enchantment API: There will be some changes with the Custom Enchantment API and the enchantments that I implement with it. This may cause existing custom enchantments to break.

Chest Shops may break due to 1.13's id changes. I have a plugin that is used to support old item ID's however some shops may still break. If any of your shops break, remaking the shop with the new Item ID's should fix the issue.
Furthermore the plugin that grants compatibility with the old Item ID system will be removed in the future, but I have no ETA when this removal will occur.

Change Log
  • All in house plugins have been built for 1.13.2 and have been updated accordingly.
  • All other plugins have been updated to there latest compatible versions or have been replaced or removed.
  • Added Shulker Respawn plugin to the server
  • New Vote Rewards
  • Wither Star Fragments have been replaced with with Wither Star Shards.1 Wither Star crafts 9 Wither Star Shards.
  • 9 Wither Star Shards will craft into 1 Wither Star
  • Wither Star Fragments and Shards can Stack up to 16 and 32 respectively
  • Wither Star Fragments cannot be crafted back into Wither Stars
  • Fragments and Shards currently have no use since Potion Combinding is still disabled.

• Charred Bones now Stack up to 32.
• New Item: Unstable Powder. Crafted with 3 gunpowder and 3 blaze powder. Upon crafting it has a chance to explode. When used (right clicked upon a block) it has a chance to explode. The explosion does not damage blocks. This item will be used in future recipes.
• Giant Hearts now stack up to 8. This is mainly to normalize there internal data to be more compatible with Chest Shops. If a stack is used, only 1 item will be consumed.
• Wither wands have been re-coded. This will not effect there use.
• Wither Wands have been slightly buffed.
• Wither Wands can now stack up to 8 to normalize there internal data. However they cannot be used while stacked. A used wither wand cannot be stacked.
• New Custom Monster: Rouge Pigman
• Wither Skeleton Occulist:
  • Withering Pains duration decreased by 1 second.
  • Withers Might Heals more.
  • Withers Might speed boost duration and level has been increased and now provides minor damage resistance.
  • New Spell: Withers Blasteals 4-7 damage along with a small bonus from targets armor.

• Added 1 second to spell cooldowns.
• Reduced Spell target range
• Has a 30% chance to spawn an additional Wither Skeleton. (Now totaling 4 wither skeletons and a Wither Skeleton Archer)
• Increased Melee damage by 3.
• Has a 20% chance to spawn with Leather Leggings.
• Wither Wand Drop Chance increased by 9.5%.
• Now has a random chance to gain 3 bonus spell charges upon spawning.
• When attacked Occultists can now cast Withers Might upon them selves (20% chance, can only be done once)
• Wither Skeleton Spawn rate increased by a small amount
• Wither Skeleton Archer now has a 15% chance to have a bow enchanted with Power 1. 
• Wither Skeleton Archers ally spawn chance reduced by 5%.
• Forest Dweller: Reduced blindness duration by 1 second. Increased life by 4.
• Forceful Creeper: Drops less xp but drops more gunpowder.
• Fighter:
  • Slightly reduced spawn rate
  • can spawn closer to spawn
  • increased potential maximum health.
  • changed various chances to spawn with different gear.
  • Fighters Potion has increasing drop rate.
  • increased Fighters Strength and Resistance Duration by 2 seconds.

• Ranger: Regeneration per arrow shot increased by 1. Poison Duration increased by 1 second.
• Elite Ranger: Regeneration per arrow shot increased by 1. Poison Duration increased by 1 second. Increased dropped experience by 1.
• Assassin: Increased damage by 1.
• Elite Assassin: Increased dropped experience by 1.
• Mesa Dweller: Increased attack damage by 1. Heavy Shield Drop Chance increased by 2%.
• Zombie Brute:
  • Now has a chance to spawn with a Diamond Axe instead of a Iron Axe
  • Axe has a chance to be enchanted with Sharpness 2 and Fire Aspect 1
  • Axe has a 15% chance to drop

• Mountain Giant:
  • Stone Hide damage reduction maximum increased by 5%
  • Increased maximum damage by 1.
  • Now takes double damage from explosions
  • Now has damage resistance to lava.
  • Slightly adjusted stone, cobblestone, and mossy cobblestone drop rates.
  • Giant Heart Drop rate has not been effected by above change.

• Plains Crawler: now spawns in more biomes. Stays faster for much longer. Increased Damage by 1.
• Swamp Creature: Slight modifications to drop rates.
• Wither Skeleton, Wither Skeleton Archer, and Wither Skeleton Occultist have an increased Charred Bone Drop Rate.
• Ghasts now have a chance to drop bonus Tears when killed by a player who has luck.
• Chance for crops to die will only be calculated if the plant fails to grow.
• New plants added to CropGrowth: Cactus, Nether Wart, and Sugar Cane.
• Some plants now struggle to grow in some world environments. This means that there no growth and death chance increased.
• Modified the growth rates of plants in CropGrowth
• Tweaked how player death XP drop works.
• Increased how much money can be stolen by killing players
• Increased the money that can be stolen with the pick pocket enchantment.
• Fixed Bleeding mechanic for player inflicted bleeding
• Wood Swords, Axes, and pickaxes now inflict bleeding
• Reduced Bleeding duration by 1 second.
• increased bleed duration inflicted by monsters by 1 second
• Skeletons can no longer inflict bleeding upon players
• Blazes, Phantoms, Polar Bear's, Wolfs, and the Ender Dragon can now inflict players with Bleeding.
• Reduced Sword and Axe's chance to inflict bleeding.
• Reduced Cleaving Attacks (Enchantment) bonus chance to inflict bleeding
• Increased Serrated Blades (Enchantment) bonus bleeding duration.
• Reduced Serrated Blades maximum level by 1. Existing Level 4's will still function normally.
• Increased Ender Block (enchantment) damage by 0.1 per level. (Deals bonus damage to end creatures)
• Recoded how Critical Strike (Enchantment) works. It now has a better spread of random damage and is no longer locked to bonus damage being an integer.
• Critical Strike now has 2 levels. (Formally only had 1 level)
• Critical Strike has had its enchantment weight reduced by 1
• Tough Wings has had its enchantment weight increased by 1
• Pick Pocket has had its enchantment weight increased by 1
• Ender Block has had its enchantment weight reduced by 1
• Cleaving Attack has had its enchantment weight reduced by 2
• Fall Damage is now reduced if the player is under the effects of Jump Boost
• Chain Amor can now be salvaged for Iron Nuggets instead of Iron Ingots when using the salvage command.
• Elytra is now repaired by Phantom Membranes instead of leather when using the /repair command.
• Chance of salvaging enchantments from items when salvaging increased by 5% (Reminder you must have books in your inventory to salvage enchantments from items)

Notable Bug Fixes .
  • Wither Skeletons are no longer immune to arrows or other projectiles
  • Giant Hearts can no longer be used in admin claims or claims not owned by the using player. (Will still work in unclaimed land)
  • Giant Hearts now say "40 Levels of Experience" instead of "40 xp" for there experience cost. Sorry for any confusion. (Already existing hearts will not update with new lore, sorry)

Other Bug Fixes
Spelling Error Fixes

1.14 Update Information
The 1.14 update will occur once a stable server is released by the Spigot team, and of course all plugins used are compatible with 1.14.

Currently vanilla 1.14.x has major issues and bugs. Due to this it may be some time before Astria is updated to 1.14. When it is updated it will be some 1.14.x version. I will be watching Minecraft's and Spigots respective Bug trackers as well as occasionally testing 1.14.x to know when a stable enough version is released for production use.

Along with the 1.14 update I will be expanding the world border by 3000 (or more) blocks.

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