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1.13.2 Bug Fix Update #1
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Jun 2019
With the 1.13.2 update there were many bugs. (As expected).
Between yesterday and today I have fixed many of them.

Tridents being unable to be repaired with /repair.
Tridents being unable to be enchanted with mending
Added Turtle spawn eggs to Vote Tokens
Cokked Swamply Flesh now provides 3 additional Saturation.
Lucky Sword and other custom items not being in the Vote Tokens Reward Menu

Null Error Bug with Fighters Attacking
Null Error Bug with Wither Wands and Astria Items
Null Error with Zombie Brute's Spawning
Super High Repair Costs for Money and XP
XP repair costs not being charged. (i.e. free repairing using xp)
Shulker Respawn, respawning shulkers a few minutes after being killed.
Removed some debug messages that are no longer needed.
Removed the Skill API. Thought it was needed as a dependency but it was not.
Reduced Creeper Spawning
Reduced The First spawning.
Beast Escalation Potion now tells the player when its effect ends.

There are still many more bugs with this last update and I am doing my best to fix them.
Furthermore Combinding Potions is still disabled due to its related bugs.

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