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1.13.2 Bug Fix Update #2
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Jul 2019
Changed how Custom Mob API handles monster death and associated drops.
   Mobs killed by non-entities should now drop there loot.
   Note: Custom mob loot may not drop due to how custom mob loot system is set up. This will be changed in the future to allow custom mobs to drop there customized loot.

Changed how Custom Mob API deals with monster spawning.
Changed how Custom Mob API handles some Spawn Reasons.
Changed what SpawnReasons are effected by Beast Escalation Potions.

Mountain Giants can no longer spawn around the worlds spawn.
Modidifed the biomes that the ranger can spawn in
Modified Ranger and Elite Ranger internal drop system.
Increased Ranger and Elite Ranger chance to drop poison arrows by 5%.

Fixed Swampy Flesh not healing to full HP.
Swampy Flesh now provides a bonus of 4 saturation insted of 3. (Still provides fishes normal saturation)

Adjusted some spawn weights of custom monsters
Adjusted spawn biomes of Assassion

Re-enabled CropGrowth. This slows down crop growth and causes crops to die.
    Reduced chance for crops to die and grow slowly.
    Reduced bonus hinderence for crops in worlds they are struggle in.
Fixed other Crop Growth bugs and over sites.

Slightly increased the defense provided by Tough Wings.

Slight Modifications to some hunger consuming values.

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