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1.13.2 Bug Fix Update #3
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Jul 2019
Another update of Bug Fixes and minor changes relating to the 1.13.2 update.
There are a few more bugs related to the 1.13.2 update that will hopefully be fixed soon.
However some bugs are not with the plugins I code, and therefore I cannot fix them.

The largest bug fix is Combined Potion. I ended up re-coding the entire combinding potions system as the old system was beyond repair. As of this update all players can combined potions.
Currently there is no web page for combined potions so I will reiterate how to use them in this post until I get around to making a web page. I would also like to remind everyone that Combined Potions originally came out in the Crafting Update.

How to Craft:
Take 2 potions and place them into the left upper and upper middle slot in the crafting table.
This will combined the two potions any all effect on them together. However there is a 80% chance for them to become unstable.
A unstable potion will have a negative effect placed upon it or a already existing negative effect's duration increased.
If the potion that is crafted is a Stable Potion, then any potion crafted with said potion will also result in a stable potion.
Adding a wither star Shard or Fragment to the upper right crafting slot will always make the result potion Stable.

Magma Blocks can now be mined by Giant Hearts. 
Baby Zombies spawning as chicken jockeys and then turning into a custom mob.
Reduced Mountain Giants Damage by a very small amount
Reduced Mountains Giants Spawn Rate.
Adjusted Mountain Giants Drop Rate.
Reduced Fighter Potion Drop Rate by 0.5%
Reduced Wither Skeletons Occultists Withers Blast Attack.
Changed Zombie Brute Spawning
Reduced xp drop from all custom mobs by a small amount
Reduced the attack, life and blindness duration of the Forest Dweller
Slightly Reduced XP and money cost of /repair

Bleeding no longer persists after Death.
Reinforced Structure can be placed upon Turtle Shells
Serrated Blade and Cleaving Attack can be placed upon Tridents (However, they are exclusive)
Reduced the price of Buying More Homes.
Modified some config values to help normalize monster spawning.

I would like to say thank you to all players who have been reporting bugs,
Especially Red_Steel and TTL_computer.

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