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07-22-2019 Bug Fixes & Updates
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd Jul 2019
Reduced Wither Skull Drop Rate
    Increased Charred Bone Drop Rate
   Reduced Wither Skeleton Archers wither arrow duration by 1 second.
   Reduced Wither Skeleton Occultist Spawn Rate 
   Changed weights of the Wither Skeleton Occultist spells
   Decreased Withering Pains duration by 1 second.

Changed Creeper Spawn Weight
Increased Gunpowder Drop from creeper

Modified How Beast Escalation Potion interacts with some monsters

Changed Zombie Pigmen's luck bonus gold drop.
      Each point of luck provides a chance for a bonus gold nugget to drop.

Fighter Changes
    Reduced Spawn Weight
    Changed Description and Technical Information
    Added more biomes (Mostly Forested biomes) to the Fighters Black List (Reduced what biomes fighters can spawn in)
    Have a very low chance to spawn with Regeneration I for 8 minutes.
    Ones that spawn with regen have a chance to drop a regen potion.
    Fighters with a shield now take 40% less damage instead of 30% less

Modified Monster Spawning Code. This will result in less monsters spawning in the ground or in walls.
Not fully implemented, some monsters will still spawn in incorrect places.

Swamp Creature Changes
    Reduced Spawn Weight
    Changed how Reinforcement spawning works
    Spawn weight is now increased while raining
    They spawn additional reinforcements while its raining.
    They can now swarm.

Mountain Giant Changes:
    The toss attack no longer uses levitation to move the player up.
    Added in some preventative measures to help prevent certain ways to cheese the Mountain Giant Fight.

The Repair command now states how much durability was repaired.
The Repair command now states how much a repair costed.

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