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8-8-2019 Minor Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Aug 2019
    -ViaVersion Plugin
        -With ViaVersion players on 1.14.x clients versions can join servers on older versions.
        -However features of newer versions (Such as 1.14.x) are not supported as the server is still a 1.13.2 server.
            -Offical 1.14.x support is still in the planing stages.
    -Minor Admin command changes.
    -Changed new player starting items and amounts.
    -Saddles now stack to 8
    -Horse armor now stacks to 4
    -Potion of Movement is redundant due to potion combinding.
        -Potion of Movment crafting recipe has been removed.
        -Potions of Movements that currently exist will still function normaly
    -Giant Hearts are no longer destroyed by Explosions
    -New Vote Rewards!
        -Parrot Spawn Egg
        -Squid Spawn Egg
        -Polar Bear Spawn Egg
        -Pufferfish Spawn Egg
        -Tropical Fish Spawn Egg
        -Salmon Spawn Egg
        -Cod Spawn Egg
    -Changed many Breeding values to entities within the Breeding Manager.
        -This is the sytem that gives breading a chance to fail
    -Added Turtle to Breadking Manager. They now have a chance to fail at breeding
        -Modified vanilla monster item drop rates
    -Increased Swamp Creature Spawn Weight
    -Some custom implementation of vanilla monsters now spawn from mob spanwers.
    -Added more vanilla monsters as custom implementations, They still have vanilla behavor.
        -Magma Cube
    -Custom Monster Changes
        -Mountain Giant
            -Sligtly Reduced Spawn Weight
            -Sliglty increased nausia and slowness durations for its knockout attack.
            -Now take half damage (rounded down) From the following damage sources:
                -Custom, Suffocation, Cramming
            -Changed how drops work
        -Forest Dweller
            -Players with night vision will be effected by blidness with a reduced duration.
            -Reduced the chance of spawning reinforcements
            -Fire Resistence Varient changes
                -Now has resistence to Magma Block Damage
                -Reduced lava damage resistence.
                -Increased spawn rate of Fire Resistence Forest Dwellers (from every 7th to every 6th that spawn)
        -The First
            -Reduced Spawn weight
            -Resistence Effect hinders its ability to place weakness upon its killer.
            -Changed drops and drop rates (Iron and diamonds still drop)
            -Increased attack damage by 1
            -Increased health by 5
            -Changed Description
        -Stronger Skeleton
            -Reduced health
            -Reduced attack damage
            -Increased spawn weight
        -Elite Ranger
            -Reduced Spawn weight
            -Increasd Spawn height (by 2)
            -Decreased amount that spawn with helments
Bug Fixes:
    -Minor Bug Fixes
    -Did some work on Fixing Swamp Creature Spawning (untested)
    -Updated WildTP in hopes to fix tp bugs (untested)
    -Fixed Enchanted Golden Apples not giving or being displayed as Enchanted Golden Apples
    -Fix bug where Bottle o' Enchanting was not giving a custom xp drop amount
    -A bug related to Money Steel and the Pick Pocket Enchantment
    -Fixed bugs related to Crop Growth Preventor working.
    -Fixed more Enchanting Bugs
        -Note not all bugs can be fixed, I will fix what can be changed in the Plugins Configuration File.

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