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8-26-2019 Minor Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Aug 2019
Got a small update today. Before I get into the details of the update I would like to inform everyone that my next collage semester has started so updates are going to slow down. I am still focusing on the 1.14 update but may occasionally do a Minor Update every so often.

    Bleeding Bar:
        When you are bleeding a boss bar will appear. The bar will slowly unfill to display
        how much longer you will be bleeding.
        When bleeding a fog will appear hindering the players vision.
        I would like to note the bar will only update when the player is regenerating health (naturally) or when
        hunger changes. This makes the bar a little inaccurate, however this helps reduce CPU usage.

Custom Item Encyclopedia
        This is a system like the Monsters Bestiary System.
        As you discover new custom items there information will be filled out in the Encyclopedia.
        Undiscovered items will be displayed as Unknown Item.
        Most custom items have been added in, along with most modified vanilla items. Currently all items are marked as discovered.
            Currently Most Legacy Items and Custom Potions have not been added in.
            If you see any items you think should be in the Encyclopedia please tell Daniel_return.
        Do "/encyclopedia help" for help.
            Also, if anyone has ideas for a alias (Shortend version of the command) comment on the forum post or /mail daniel_return with your idea.

Added more vanilla monsters as custom implementations, They still have vanilla behavor.
        -Iron Golem
    Custom Mobs
        Swamp Creature:
            Changed Reinforcement spawning and rain swarm spawning values.
            Reduced spawning from skeleton spawners.
        The First:
            Increased spawn weight
        Mountain Giant:
            Slightly reduced spawn weight
Bug Fixes:
    Swamp Creature drops not being reduced during rain swarming.
    Multiple Bug Fixes for Vote Tokens
    Other bug fixes

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