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10-07-2019 Minor Update & 1.14.4 Prep #1
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Oct 2019
This update most changes related to Custom Monsters, however there are some other changes that everyone should take note of. Furthermore I have started on the 1.14.4 update and this update has some preparations for that, including a new Reserve Item. First I will go over my current plans for 1.14.4, 1.15, and 1.16. Then I will dive into the new Reserve Item (and what that is for those who do not know). Then I will list the full change log for this update.

1.14.4 Plans
I would like to remind everyone that I am currently in a semester of collage and will be updating the server less often until this semester ends. After today's update I will be focusing my attention on 1.14.4 unless a major bug is found. As many know (from my previous posts) I have some concerns with 1.14.4. I have already partially addressed the concerns in another post however I will be posting a update within a few days about the concerns.
I would also like to note, that I will be expanding the world boarder with the 1.14 update.
You can track the progress of the 1.14.4 update by looking at the MOTD before joining the server as well as watch for more news posts about the progress. As of this posting, I am 1% done with all changes required to update to 1.14.4.

1.15 & 1.16 Plans
From my understanding the 1.15 update will mostly be a bug fix update with some new features (such as honey). Depending on what bugs are fixed and what changes occur this update could be a quick update compered to 1.14 and other past updates. However this also depends on 1.15 spigot as well as the plugin's the server uses being compatible/updated to 1.15. I do not plan on expanding the world boarder with this update as there are still many
non-explored and non-generated chunks on the server where new blocks such as bee hives can be.

The 1.16 update will be a large update especially for world generation. As per usual I will NOT be regenerating the Overworld or Neather. When Astria is updated to 1.16 I will greatly expand the world boarder and players will have to find the new biomes and other generations. The new Pig Beast will have its Spawn Egg added to the Voting Plugin. I am also considering introducing a second nether world to the server that would be primarly for resource collection and cannot contain land claims. This second nether could also be regenerated as needed.

Now onto todays updates

Reserve Item
For most of Astria's History Emeralds (and Later Emerald Blocks) have been a Reserve Item. This item allows players to convert coins directly into a item that holds its coin value and can be sold back at the same value (or higher!). This allows players a method of protection as coins are stolen upon being killed by another player.

As of this update, I am phasing out Emeralds as the Reserve Item. They will be replaced with a Emerald based custom Reserve Item. Currently the item's still look like emeralds, however they will receive a texture change with the 1.14.4 update. With the 1.14.4 update, vanilla emeralds will be totally removed as the Reserve Currency. Any player who has not converted there emeralds back into coins or to the new Reserve Currency will be at a loss and unable to convert there emeralds.

Currently the new Reserve Items are Coppers, Silvers, and Specie's. They can be bought/sold at the server shop. Coppers are the lowest Reserve Item and are priced at 1.0 coins. Silvers are priced at 8.0 coins and can be crafted using 8 Coppers. Specie's are priced at 
64 coins and can be crafted with 8 Silvers. Specie's are not currently sold at the server shop.

At this time, this new custom Reserve Item can still be traded with Villagers, however with the 1.14.4 update, trading of them will be mechanically prevented to prevent large sums of items from being spawned in using villagers.

Full Change Log

    Astria Items
        Added in Copper, Silver, and Specie Items.
        Added in the Recipe for Wither Wands (See its /encyclopedia entry)
        /Encyclopedia now tab compleat's

    Custom Monsters:
        Mountain Giant
            Increased XP drop.
            Reduced Spawning weight.
            Increased stone drop amt by 1
            Increased Maximum HP by 20. (From 150, to 170)
            Increased Damage by 1.
            Note: The mountain giant is a creature built to be a challenge to the strongest PvE players on the server. Due to this, I constantly rebalence the Mountain Giant to be hard for the strongest PvE players. I would like to add that this is balanced towards life armor + diamond dagger + use of golden foods and potions/beacons. Future armor and weapon releases (that are stronger) will not cause the Mountain Giant to be rebalenced.

        Swamp Creature
            Further modified swarming in rain behavior.
            Greatly modified Drop values based on current behavior (Is Swarming, Not Swarming, etc.)
            Now spawns with Leather Boots (Slightly increasing defense)

            Further modified creeper spawning and drop rates to aid in reduction of the old
                creeper bug/issues.
            In the future, this will be removed with a method to remove the remaining creepers from this old issue.
            Adjusted spawn values of Daggers, Shields.
            Now has a chance to drop its sword.
            Reduced chance to spawn w/ regeneration by 20%. (From 50% to 30%)
            Increased regeneration Level (when spawned with it) by 1. (From lv 1 to 2)
            Slightly Increased XP drop.        
            Slightly Increased Fighter Potion Drop.
            Adjusted some spawning values
        The First
            Reduce Totem drop rate
            Slightly increase diamond and iron drop rates
            Increased maximum iron drop amount by 1
        Adjusted all experience drop values of Custom Monsters for balance reasons.
        Added in some preventative measures to help prevent game breaking lag from large sums of spawning monsters
            i.e. 250+ monsters spawning around 1 player.
    Return Mail
        Changed some internal ReturnMail
        ReturnMail Compositions now has the replace sub command.
            This allows you to replace a line in your composition.
        The composition view command now displays color codes as color.

    Money Drop
        Changed some internal money drop stuff.

Bug Fixes:
    Custom Monsters:
        Fix bug where Fighters did not drop Regeneration Potions upon death (if they had the regeneration effect)
        Fix some bugs related to the Fighters ability to gain Strength and Resistance upon attacking a player or entity

    Warp and Homes
        Fixed bug with null Player Data Clean up Code.
        Fixed some many bugs dealing with null data
        Fixed bug with Shops tab compleat
        Fixed bug with /tpa tab compleat & other bugs

    Vote Tokens:
        Fixed Bonus Tokens not working

    General Bug Fixes:
        Fixed wrong Time Zone with /stime
        Fixed some issues with the Encyclopedia
        Debug code for bleeding.

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