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10-14-2019 Bug Fix Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Oct 2019
There have been some issues with the new Potion Combination System. I have added in some checks and debug to help find out
what is causing the issues. Please be patient as the bugs are located. Remember to occasionaly try to make combination potions as
the bug does not occure for all players.


Reverted Glowstone mining behavor to vanilla
Reverted Clay behavor to vanilla

Bug Fixes:
Fixed issue where glowstone can be mined in claimed land by non trusted players
Fixed some Custom Mob API Console Log Debug Messages

I may have discovered the bug that is causing errors within the Potion Combinding System. It seems players are crafting the combind potion
in the wrong slots.
Combind Potions use a very strongly shaped recipe. Not only does the recipe need to match, but the slots also need to match.
I have added Combind Potion Unstable/Stable to the Encyclopedia so all players can see the exact recipe that should be used.

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