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11-12-2019 Minor Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th Nov 2019
Just some changes mainly to Custom Mobs. There are also some changes to help with the 1.14 update.

Custom Mobs: 
Re-balenced the drop of some mobs to bring drops more inline with Astrias Custom Drop Rates and to help prepare for 1.14.4 Farm changes.
Drops Effected:
Zombie (and most custom varients): Rotton Flesh
Mountain Giant: Giant Hearts
Skeletons: Bones & Arrows
The First: Iron, Diamond, and Totem
Witch: Glowstone, Redstone, Gunpowder, Sugar
Wither Skeleton (and varients): Skulll and Charred Bone
Modified some spawn weights.
Further modified Swamp Creature Swarming behavor
Wither Skeleton Occultists:
Reduced xp drop by 1
Decreased attack damage by 1 point
Increased Life by 2.
Increased wither wand drop rate by 15%.
Wither Blast:
Increased Damage by 1.
Wither Skeleton Archer:
Reduced xp drop by 1
Changed Bow Knockback enchantment chance:
No Knockback: 15% chance
Knockback 1: 65% chance
Knockback 2: 20% chance
Preveosly could only be knockback 1 or 2.
Wither Skeleton:
Increased spawn weight
All Wither Skeleton Varients:
Reduced wither skull flat drop rate to 2.5% (vanila).
Astria Items:
Minor changes mostly backend

Bug Fixes:
Bleeding Boss Bars should no longer build up on the screen.

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