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1.14.4 BugFix #1
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Feb
Over the past week since the 1.14.4 update I and other players have identified many issues and bugs. The greatest two of these was a infinite health regeneration bug and missing plugins.

The system put into place to monitor and restore the health of a user who loggs off and then back on when under the effects of a life boosting effect would restore there HP every 5 seconds.

The missing plugins... I have no idea on what happened here. I do not know if they just were not uploaded or the server deleted them for some reason. The were no errors when I uploaded the plugins and they checks I did came back positive for a successful file transfer. This has been solved but I ask players to keep a eye out for commands or systems that seem to be missing and that were not marked as removed in the 1.14.4 update news post.
  Here is a list of plugins that were missing with the update: Astria Items, Custom Mob API, Warp's and Homes, and Return Mail.

I also stated in the original post about dynmap but I forgot to put its link. I have since edited the update post with the link as well as this posting.
(http://astriaserver.ddns. ... net:8123)

Bug Fixes
   - Reduced all block growalbe speeds, as they were growing far too fast.
   - Golden Hoes can till Coarse Dirt which should be prevented for custom Items
   - Swampy Flesh was not updating to its newest iteration/version when chests were opened
   - Swampy Breaded Flesh was only crafting 1 item instead of 3.
   - Issues with Swampy Flesh not triggering its effects (Healing and Bonus Saturation) upon consumption.
   - Backend Technical Bugs.

Known Bugs
   - Swampy Flesh and Reserve Currancy does not update to newest iteration/version if in a non chest container.

As stated above this was not as single bug fix update and instead it was fixed over the week. For the next week or two I will be documenting and fixing bugs. If the server is stable after this time I will start on the 1.15 update for Astria. I may also do a small content update before I start to work on the 1.15 update.

Website: https://danielreturnweb.w ... ixsite.com/astria
Forums: http://astriaserverforms. ... clanwebsite.com/
News: http://astriaserverforms. ... clanwebsite.com/news
PMC Page: https://www.planetminecra ... t.com/server/astria/
Rules: https://docs.google.com/d ... bgo/edit?usp=sharing
Dynmap: http://astriaserver.ddns. ... net:8123

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