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1.14.4 Bug Fix Update #2
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Feb
This is the second bug fix update for the 1.14.4 Update. This update was very small and only fixed a few bugs (though 1 was major). As of now I am working on a new content update for the server. After this content update I will Start working on the 1.15 update. The 1.15 update will bring the server up to date with Minecraft 1.15 as well as add in some new custom content.

As stated in previous posts, I was going to update to 1.15 directly after the 1.14.4 update however I feel doing a small update before it will be beneficial to the server. While I will be adding in a small amount of new content with this update it is mostly a technical update that will help the conversion from 1.14.4 to 1.15 easier and less issue prone. This is primarily for my plugins and does consist of mostly technical background changes.

  -Breaded Swampy Flesh now provides 1 bonus food.
  -Changed values for bleeding and money steel.
  -Updated CustomMobAPI and AstriaItems to utilize new internal methods of DanielsLibrary (Primary will fix some stability issues with custom item creation)

Bug Fixes
  -Bleeding no longer looks for Bleeding related custom enchantments
  -Money Steel no longer looks for money steeling related custom enchantments
  -Other bugs, mostly technical

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