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Server Plugin update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Apr
This update brings changes to existing systems on Astria along with bringing some of its designs closer to vanilla Minecraft. One example of this is how diamond armor is upgraded into Netherite. There are also a few quality of life changes. 

I have completed a lot of internal work and code changes on many of the plugins used by astria. Resulting in easer to manage code, more reliable code and smaller file sizes. 

There are also some additions and major changes player's should know about. Lastly some things such as certain monsters have been removed from Astria.

Major Changes
 - Nether Roof Damage: The nether roof has always been forbidden on Astria. The primary reason was the fact that it could only be accessed with glitches, which is forbidden per the rules. However I have plans for nether roof content. As of this update players will now take damage if they are on the nether roof.
 - Removed homes of players who have not played within 2 years. If your homes were accidentally deleted, please notify me (Daniel_return) and I will do my best to restore them from a backup.

  - AstriaServerCore Plugin. This is the new "core" of astria. In time it will replace ReturnLibrary. This is mostly a technical change.
  - The player list (viewed by pressint TAB) now has a header and footer.
  - Brute: Combination of the Buff Zombie and the Zombie Brute with some balance changes.
  - Skeletal Assassin (A rework of the Assassin)
  - Skeletal Assassin Potion
  - Crossbows can now be repaired and salvaged with /repair and /salvage
      Salvaged for Sticks, Iron nuggets, Tripwire hooks, and string.
  - New Vote Rewards
    - Cat Spawn Egg
    - Fox Spawn Egg
    - Panda Spawn Egg
    - Ocelot Spawn Egg
    - Wolf Spawn Egg 
  - Added in the Long Frenzy Potion. Look at its encyclopedia information "/encyclopedia help" for its crafting recipe.

 - Many background and technical changes to ReturnLibrary, other plugins, and to the server.
 - Diamond Life Armor is now a upgrade from existing Diamond Armor. The recipe is the diamond armor on the left top, and the Totem of Undying in the Middle top slot. See there encyclopedia entries for more information (/encyclopedia). 
    Enchantments, Item names, and Lore will be kept on the crafted item. This is to bring the design closer with the planned upgrading of diamond armor to netherite armor.
 - Changed how looting effects money drop bonuses. Looting now drops a flat amount of bonus money when killing monsters. Previously it increased the chance of money droping. However since all monsters have a 100% drop chance, looting became worthless. [Bonus money drop's also have a cap like normal and boss drops, to prevent it from being overpowered and game breaking.]
 - Reduced Wild Wheat Drop chance by half.
 - Revamped the internal code for /sites to be more robust.
   - Added in more commands for /sites (web,website,websites,fourm, fourms,discord)
   - Added a discord join link to /sites
 - Slightly modified Skeleton Bone/Arrow Drop rates.
 - Slightly modified Stray Bone/Arrow Drop rates.
 - Modified Pigmen and Endermen Drop rates.
 - Voteing Plugin
   - Changed the cost and item amount values for some vote rewards.
   - Records vote rewards is now a menu!
 - Entirely redid the code for /TPA so its more reliable
   - Now has text buttons that can be clicked for accepting and denying tpa requests.
 - Warps list now has [TP] "buttons", so you can click them to TP to that warp
 - Homes list now has [TP] "buttons", so you can click them to TP to that warp
 - Shops list now has [TP] "buttons", so you can click them to TP to that warp

Bug Fixes
 - A few bug fixes

 - Zombie Brute
 - Buff Zombie
 - Assassin
 - Elite Assassin
 - Elite Ranger
 - Ability to obtain Assassins Potion
 - Old Life Armor Recipe
 - Some Warps
 - Some of the INFO chat messages

In closing, this update is a big help to fixing a lot of internal code for many of Astria's Plugins that would make upgrading to 1.15 more unstable, and would have slowed down its progress.

With this update out of the way, I will now start working on the 1.15 update.
Hopping everyone is doing well, is safe and not sick in these trying times.

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Discord: https://discord.gg/xy8hzJ ... 5
News: http://astriaserverforms. ... clanwebsite.com/news
PMC Page: https://www.planetminecra ... t.com/server/astria/
Server Rules: https://docs.google.com/d ... bgo/edit?usp=sharing
Dynmap: http://astriaserver.ddns. ... net:8123

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