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Bug Fix & Small Change's Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Apr
With the last update a few bugs were introduced along with some over sites. This update fixes most of them. There are some changes that come along with this update.
I have started work on the 1.15 update.

  - Skeletal Assassin's now have a chance to inflict slowness and hunger on those they attack.
  - Modified effect durations for Skeletal Assassin Potion.
  - Mountain Giant
    - Stone Hide can now block a total of 75% of damage (up from 70%)
    - Buffed Attacks
      - Knockout
        - +1 second to slowness duration
      - Toss
        - +1 Damage
    - Modified drop rates of Cobblestone, Stone, and Mossy Cobblestone
  - Reduced the speed at which the Mountain Heart mines by a small amount.
  - Buckets are salvagable for 1-3 iron.
  - Arrows are no longer salvagable
  - Brutes now take 50% less damage from lava

Bug Fixes
  - Skeletal Assassin dropping the old Assassins Potion (v2) instead of the Skeletal Assassins Potion.
  - Items not updating to newest versions in Shulker boxes and Barrels.
  - Brute's are now added to the players Bestiary upon killing them
  - Fixed an error with Mountain Heart Drops when the player has no Looting or luck.
  - Fixed bonus money not reseting on the 24 hour mark
  - Fixed Boss drop money not resetting on the 24 hour mark
  - Fixed some custom potions showing a uncraftable potion instead of water bottle.
  - Fixed long frenzy potion showing stacked frenzy potions as ingrediants.

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PMC Page: https://www.planetminecra ... t.com/server/astria/
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Dynmap: http://astriaserver.ddns. ... net:8123

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