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Next Plugin Update
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Apr 2017
I am hard at work preparing the server for the 1.11.2 update. At this time I want to update to 1.11.2 but, there could be unforeseen bugs or plugins that are not updated that may prevent the 1.11.2 update. If this happens I will try for 1.11 or 1.10.
At this time I do not know when I will be doing the update. Feel free to check back on this site for new news or on our forms page. (See bottom of article for links). At this time I am about 2% done (A estimation) with the update. I have downloaded most of the updated plugins, but still need to do thorough testing of them and update my plugins and finish my new plugins for the server.
Major Changes:
+I will be removing SimpleRent and replacing it with a new Grief prevention renting plugin, AstriaRent.
+I will be replacing the current Mail plugin with a new mail plugin. At this time I do not know if current mails will be transferred over to the new plugin.
+I will be replacing iConomy with AstriaEconomy.
+World will be expanded by 2,000 blocks.
Minor Changes:
+Will be updating many plugins such as Grief Prevention to their 1.11.x versions.
+Bug fixes for some smaller plugins that I created.
Other Changes that may Happen:
+Recreating the Darkroom World.
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