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1.11.2 Progress Update #1
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th May 2017
This is the first progress update that I am posting about the 1.11.2 server update.

Astria Economy is almost complete. It is still incomplete, and may be released onto the server as incomplete but it will have basic Vault API functions so all plugins that use economies can work. It also has basic economy functionality such as /money and paying other players.

Unfortunately not all plugins that I got off of bukkits and spigots website can be updated to 1.11.2. I have obtained the most recent stable builds of the plugins that I could. They are working well. I also have gotten some development builds but have not yet tested to see if they are stable enough to use on the server.

With this update many bugs from most plugins will be fixed. Once such bug is the Grief-prevention bug where the shovel keeps starting a claim instead of creating one.

Once the economy plugin is fully working (even if it lacks some admin features and commands) I will start to work on the new Mail plugin and after that I will work on the new land renting plugin.

At some point I will open a public 1.11.2 testing server so all Astria players can join and help test commands & features.

At this time some changes can and will likely occur with my update plan. So all planed changes may not happen.

That's all for this progress update.

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