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1.11.2 Progress Update #2
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd Jun 2017
First off, Sorry for the long update times, I have been very busy with other projects. Life stuff has also gotten in the way.

But I am back to updating plugins my plugins for the 1.11.2 update as well as getting newer versions of the other plugins that I use. All basic features of my new economy plugin are implemented and I am starting the design process on the new renting plugin.

The updates will still come slowly, and unfortunately I am not going to advertise the server very heavily during this time. It's the best time to advertise since school is out, but since the server is in a state of decay, and some plugins are just working, I am not wanting to do too much advertising, because I don't want new players to see the server in this state. Being in this state will make them have a higher chance of leaving.

But with that bad news out of the way, here is some good news, I am looking into 1.12 and so far most plugins are working with it. Only a few plugins are not working such as auctions and WhatIsIt. But the auction plugin is rarely used on the server, so I may remove it to update to 1.12 instead of 1.11.2.

So quick recap; I am still working on updating the serve, i'm not fully advertising the server at this time, but I may update the server directly to 1.12 instead of 1.11.2.

Thanks for reading.

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