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Welcome to astria forms. At this time the forms is under construction. So there is a good chance that the layout and everything else will be changed.

Have any ideas for the forum or see spelling that needs to be corected create a post on the Forum Suggestionsform.
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Back, and feeling great
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Jul 2017
I'm back to coding the server plugins. I finally got over the sickness that I had and am feeling much better. I will do some coding today but I wont truly start back up on coding and testing the new 1.11.2 (possibly 1.12) server until tomorrow.  Doing lots of 4th of July stuff today.

At this time there are still minor bugs in plugins that I have made and in plugins that I have downloaded, but I am working out my bugs and keeping all plugins updated on the test server. So far all plugins still work on 1.11.2 and all plugins excluding the action plugin and its dependency work on 1.12.

I only have a few plugins that I need to re-code from scratch. I am working on a new mail plugin that will have a simple API to allow for plugins to mail players reminders. I am also working on a new improved Land Renting Plugin. The land renting plugin will use the Mail API.

The Land Renting plugin will be less buggy and easier to use then the current renting plugin. The current renting plugin does work on 1.11.2 and 1.12 but its very unstable. So the new renting plugin must be completed before the server updates.

That's all for now, ill try to keep everyone posted on the website and forms with information on the updates.

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