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Plugin Changes & Test Server
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Aug 2017
The 1.12.x Test server is now live. The IP is astriaserver.ddns.net:25566. At this time it is 1.12 but will be updated to 1.12.1 soon. (its a test server, so the major minecraft bug that was patched wont relay effect it).

During the 1.12.1 update there will be a few plugin changes that will occur. Some plugins such as the auction plugin will be removed because of them not working in 1.12.x.

SimpleRenter will be removed because it no longer functions correctly and I can no longer maintain it. I was working on a new Renting plugin that would be less buggy, easier to maintain and easier for players to use but some changes in ownership of the Griefprevetnion plugin has caused me to put this renting plugin on pause. Without a renting plugin there will be no way to rent homes and shops out to players. I know many players like to have shops, so I am adding a way for players to make shops that other players can teleport to. More information coming on this soon.

There will be a few more plugins added to the server such as HorseTpWithMe but they will need to be thoroughly tested before they are added. My multi world plugin does not function on 1.12.x so right now it is disabled on the test server.

The Griefprevetion plugin is targeted towards 1.11.4 but the author says that it should work on 1.12. So a lot testing is needed for GriefPrevetion.

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