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1.12.1 Update, we are almost there
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Sep 2017
I still do not have a ETA on when the 1.12.1 update will occur on the server. There are still bugs in some of my plugins as well as potential bugs in other plugins. But they have been updated on the test server so they can be tested. Once I feel that major bugs are all gone then the server will start updating.

After the update I will expand the world border. I have not yet decided how far to expand the border but It will at least be expanded by 1000 blocks. The server shop (/warp servershop) will have price changes as well as some items being remove and new items added.  Most if not all custom mobs in the custom mob area (/warp mobs) will be replaced with new mobs. The multiworld plugin will be removed from the server. This means that the darkroom world (/warp darkroom) will no longer be usable. At this time I have no plans on replacing the darkroom or opening up the old darkroom.

I will continue to provide updates on the status of the 1.12.1 server update. Thanks for your patients and for helping test the stability of the plugins on the test server.

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