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New Repair Plugin
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Sep 2017
I would like to announce a new Repair Item plugin. This plugin is called ToolUpkeep and provides not only repairing commands but salvaging and admin commands.

Continue to repair your items in the familer way already on the server by using items, money and levels. 

Now you can salvage items. Take a item use the salvage command to get some of the base items back. If you have books in your inventory you even have a chance to salvage enchantments from the item.

Upon salvaging a item the maximum items you obtain back is based on the items durability. After that each individual base item has a chance to be salvaged.
So if you have a diamond chestplate with full durability you could get 0-8 diamonds back from it. If its enchanted and you have books in your inventory then you have a small chance to get any enchantments on the chestplate back.

There is also now a command to view a items durability. This will allow viewing of items that have somehow gone over the maximum durability. 

ToolUpkeep also have a Event API and many fields that can be changed by other plugins. This means in the future I can make plugins that integrate this plugin into them selves as well as manipulate how repairing works.

ToolUpkeep will be released onto the test server within the next few days.

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