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1.12.1 Server update Tuesday
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd Oct 2017
All preparations and tests are completed on the test server. This means that it is time to update to 1.12.1.
The update will be occurring on Tuesday the 24th.

-New Repair Plugin
-New Economy Plugin
-Block effects plugin: this plugin is formerly known as speedy paths. Becides fixing bugs that prevented some paths from granting a speed boost, diamond blocks now give regeneration while the player is standing on them.
-Many bug fixes

-HorseTPWithMe: A plugin that allows the horse your riding to teleport with you when teleporting around.
-ToolUpkeep: Tool upkeep is an plugin that allows players to repair and salvage items.
-New Admin plugins
-Players can now name a home shop or have shop in a home name to allow players to teleport to that home. This will allow players to create shops that other players can visit and shop at. This uses the /shops command.
-A anti cheat/hack plugin.

-Simple Renter was removed because it is no longer stable.
-Other small removals.
-WhatIsIt: a utility plugin that is used by the auction plugin
-The auction plugin: the auction plugin is being removed because it does not function in 1.12.x. I have been unable to find a replacement plugin. I do hope to add in a replacement plugin in the future.

New NBT mob and items additions
There will be all new custom NBT mobs to fight at the mobs area (/warp mobs). With the new mobs there will also be new items. There will also be new custom items added to the server shop (/warp servershop).

Server shop changes
There will be price and item changes at the server shop. Most prices will slightly increase while some may decrease. There will be a few new items added to the shop as well.

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