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1.12.1 update is here
Ownerdanielreturn 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Oct 2017
The server has officially been updated to 1.12.1

New/Changed Commands:
/repair: allows repairing of items
/salvage: allows salvaging of items.

Change Log:
-Added in ToolUpkpee
-Expanded world border by 2000 blocks
-Replaced ReturnMail with astria mail
-New server shop (not yet open)
-Updated warps and home
  -Can now create shop locations players can teleport too by having shop in your home name.
-New Economy plugin
-removed auction plugin
-removed libraries for the auction plugin
-removed simplerenter
-updated ReturnLibrary
-New custom potions
-New custom mobs (not yet added to the mob area)
-Added in Horse tp with me
-added in Action Health and support plugins for it.
-updated many other plugins to newer versions
-Increased grief prevention total claim blocks from play
-Changed grief prevention config to stop the bug preventing claims from expiering
-Grief Prevention now unclaims lands after 90 days of player inactivity instead of 80.
-Base homes and maximum bought homes have been increased by 2. So all players get 2 more free homes and can buy 2 more homes.

and of course many bug fixes

If you see any bugs please /mail or tell the owner Daniel_return

I may have forgoten some things so I will added them onto this post as I remember them.

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